Sigma Technology team wins silver in customer football cup

Shiny silver medals was the result after a Sigma Technology Hungary team participated in the 8th annual R&D Football Cup organized by Ericsson Telecommunications Hungary. The final as well as the matches leading there were real nail-biters!

The Sigma Technology team was clear first in its qualifying group thanks to its rock-solid defence, agile strikers, and its inspired goal-keeper. The result earned the team a place in the semi-final where after two goalless halves, they managed to prevail after three nerve-wrecking rounds of penalty kicks.

The final saw arguably the two best teams of the 19 participating, ”Hard Unit”, an Ericsson Telecommunications team, and Sigma Technology, duelling for the prestigious R&D Cup. Hard Unit was dominating most of the game, but more often than not found themselves up against some impressive teamplay by Sigma Technology.

After no goals in normal time, it was time again for penalty kicks. It’s hard to describe the series of nail-biting suspense and relief that followed each kick – and also the joy of Hard Unit players and supporters when they scored the goal that won them the 2009 Ericsson Telecomunications Hungary R&D Football Cup.

-”After a successful march through the group matches, and a heroic fight in the finals, we were defeated by penalties, and came home with a shiny silver medal. The teamwork was fantastic, and I can promise we will fight even harder next year” said Sigma Technology team captain Zoltán Schelcz.

Heart-felt congratulations to Hard Unit on their victory, and also to the Sigma Technology Hungary team for yet another example of outstanding teamplay and excellent personal performances.

Photo by Dóra Cseresnyes, Sigma Technology Hungary