Sigma Technology to Host OpenHack in Gothenburg

On October 6-8, 2017, about 150 developers will gather at the Sigma Technology office in Gothenburg for the OpenHack event to code and develop solutions for humanity.

Sigma Technology constantly works on contributing to a sustainable future. Therefore, we are glad to support social initiatives, especially those, which employ technology to solve humanitarian problems, like OpenHack. Hosting this event, on October 6-8, we hope to meet concerned people and show our support to them.

OpenHack is an Open Source hackathon organized on behalf of Engineers without Borders Sweden (EWB). Its purpose is to unite developers and creative minds who want to make a difference by creating solutions to solve humanitarian problems during a 48-hour hackathon. In the past hackathons, participants tried to handle disaster management and information sharing. Two years ago, a solution developed for the Doctors without Borders challenge showed how temperature sensors in the medicine supply chain can bring attention to cooling malfunctions, which is a common and very expensive real-world issue. This year’s event focuses on JobTech.

Robert Åberg, Unit Manager, Software Design and Digital Services, at Sigma Technology Solutions, said:

“Sigma Technology works a lot to contribute to a sustainable future through engagement in social projects and educational activities in Sweden, China, Ukraine, Hungary, and South Africa. Finding an organization that shows the same devotion to implementation and learning about technology meant a lot for us. Engineers without Borders and their event, OpenHack, unite software engineers to grow outstanding projects and people; the endeavor that we are happy to support. After all, the only way to achieve great results is to unite efforts with others.”

The vision of the OpenHack initiative is perfectly described on the website of the event: 

“Technology and IT open up for great possibilities in our daily life and can be used to help solve many of the challenges we face in the strive for a better tomorrow… The purpose behind OpenHack is to show people interested in programming how they can help to make a difference on both a local and global level, creating a platform for collaboration, where organizations and tech-volunteers can meet and exchange ideas and knowledge.”

The registration for the OpenHack event is now open! 

For more information, please contact Robert Åberg (robert.aberg@sigmatechnology.com). 

About Sigma Technology

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