Sigma’s notes: Disruptive innovation in the world around us

Photo credit: Csaba Molnár

The Innovation Club is a platform for businesses and organizations to gather and discuss hot trends and innovations in the modern world. The series of events is driven by the Embassy of Sweden, Business Sweden and leading Swedish companies operating in Hungary.

The second meeting of the Club was hosted by Ericsson Hungary with a thought-provoking topic “disruptive innovation.”

As a founding member of the Smart Forum, Sigma Technology supported the event, and also presented a keynote speaker, Johan Thornadtsson, who spoke about “Smart Troubleshooting in the connected society.” Johan presented the results of a research project on product information in the future.

After the speeches, the participants were invited to a team competition. Their task was to come up with disruptive concepts for a Smart Home.

Before creating the concepts, the teams needed to understand what vision the different companies have in this area, what relevant expertise they offer, and what demands they see on the market.

In the end, all teams presented their ideas and had to select the best.

“The questions about continuous connectivity and smart devices are at the peak of attention nowadays. We have done extensive research on the topic of smart troubleshooting and approaches to connectivity issues, therefore, we were pleased to attend the second Innovation Club by Ericsson,” says György Nagy, Country Manager at Sigma Technology Hungary. “This week we are hosting the conference about another trending topic — Internet of Things, where we kindly invite all professionals to a fruitful dialog and networking.”

Sigma’s conference about Internet of Things will take place on November 19th.

To apply, please contact hungary@sigmatechnology.com.

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