Smart Content Management for Real Estate. Sigma Notes from Incitdagarna

On October 17-18, Incit AB, our valued partner and client, celebrated their 50th anniversary by organizing the Incitdagarna (Incit Days) conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Johnny Fägersten, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Solutions, gave a speech at the event.

Incit AB is an established provider of real estate and financial systems successfully operating in Scandinavia from 1966. The Incitdagarna (Incit Days) conference in Stockholm was confined to their 50th anniversary and dedicated to knowledge sharing, networking, and meeting industry colleagues. The event featured over 40 different lectures for those, who work in real estate with finance, maintenance, operation, and management. Rickard Olsson, TV host of the highly rated show “Who Knows Best” on SVT, writer, and speaker, was a moderator of the conference.

Johnny Fägersten, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Solutions, has been cooperating with Incit for more than 6 years. Over these years, our companies became trusted partners and contributed to each other’s success. One of the topics discussed at the conference was effective information visualization for real estate owners, and Johnny was invited to present this topic together with Monika Spånberg and Jonna Grenfeldt from Incit.

Johnny Fägersten, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Solutions:

“I was honored to speak at this significant event organized by our long-term partner Incit AB and tell the audience about new capabilities we created together. My hope is to continue our fruitful cooperation and see more innovative products arising from our concerted efforts.”

Together with Sigma Software team we have been developing and maintaining Incit Xpand, an ERP system providing comprehensive functionality in real estate management, operation, maintenance, and accounting. Today the system is used by over 400 real estate companies.

Incit also sees a big value in making the whole documentation about the system easy to find, edit, and store, so that the migration, knowledge sharing, and development process get even smoother. Therefore, Sigma Technology have been providing Incit with an effective solution for content management, editing, and storage – our very own enterprise CMS in the cloud DocFactory.

DocFactory allows you to create, manage, view, and share any type of content on the go from any device via password-protected portals. It is highly flexible and is suitable for companies of any size providing them with a central information storage structured and easily accessible,” says Johnny. “What makes DocFactory solution for Incit unique is that Incit clients have a chance to use a premium feature of adding their own, company-related information, to the system. DocFactory, first developed as an internal system, proved so efficient and work-easing that Incit saw commercial value in it and now offers its clients to store their information in DocFactory and use all benefits of a single online location with permission-based access and advanced search, where the documents are easy to organize and share.

To present DocFactory features and advantages, Incit have shared video-tutorials devoted to this product, see one of them on YouTube. For now, the tutorials are only available in Norwegian.

DocFactory is a complete enterprise content management system in the cloud developed by Sigma Technology. It provides a unified space for keeping your content and conversations. http://docfactory.com/

Incit Xpand is an ERP system providing comprehensive functionality in real estate management, operation, maintenance, and accounting. Sigma Technology and Sigma Software assist in the development of this system.

For more information, please contact Johnny Fägersten johnny.fagersten@sigmatechnology.com

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