The game English Minnits reaches the Indian market

English Minnits is complementary teaching material, which can be easily implemented in the educational process and follows the syllabus. The game includes colorful scenes and funny NPC characters, combat scenes, and a magnificent Minnits slot machine to improve English listening comprehension. The game has a web version and is available on iOS and Android devices.

In early March, the game was presented in 20 schools in New Delhi and Indore. The Indian teachers and schoolchildren loved the game, and now students from India use the product every day. In the near future, the Customer plans on releasing the full product portfolio on the Indian school market.

”The presentation went successfully thanks to prompt and highly-professional support from Sigma engineers, who have developed a new desktop version of the game within just a few hours. Sigma continues to deliver on a level exceeding our expectations, and with a flexibility that is necessary for a company like ours,” shares Jonas Lidén, CEO at Universal Learning Games AB. “Therefore, we are happy to continue cooperation. Currently, Sigma works with the upcoming product, as well as builds new features and add-ons for reading comprehension and dyslexia training. Two more projects are expected to start later this year.”

“We are excited to bring value to the education sector of India through our substantial experience in gambling, e-learning and casual web games development and design,” says Daniel Björkman, Vice President at Sigma Technology Solutions. “We are looking forward to new projects for creating amazing games like English Minnits, which is gaining wide popularity among children and teachers all over the world.”

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