We are changing our name to Sigma Technology

Following recent business acquisitions by Sigma and Danir and rebranding within the Sigma Group, we are proud to announce that Sigma Kudos is changing and that we are now called Sigma Technology.
Sigma is changing its logo and Sigma Kudos is changing its name from Sigma Kudos to Sigma Technology, to better describe the services we offer and to strengthen the Sigma brand. The logo is also changing, in line with the new name. Sigma Technology covers the business areas of product information, information management, software & embedded design, and offshore development.

In May, Sigma acquired Sony Mobile in Lund, to strengthen its position in R&D, with the aim of becoming one of the leading suppliers to R&D-intensive companies. This new company is called Sigma Connectivity. Sony Mobile in Lund was responsible for the development of mobile hardware, and their achievements in recent years include the development of Sony’s most advanced models in the Sony Xperia smartphone range. Through the acquisition, the aim is to provide the Swedish industry with future technology and thereby strengthen its competitiveness and capacity to innovate.

The aim is to be a proactive partner in the technology shift where connectivity, software design, and embedded design become an essential and increasing part of future products. Our joint experience and competence from working within the telecom, automotive, and industry sectors makes our delivery platform competitive and creates added value for you as a customer.
Sigma Technology (650 consultants) and Sigma Connectivity (200 consultants) have a total of 850 R&D consultants.