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Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions, a part of Sigma Technology Group, has welcomed Julia Holmberg to take on the lead as a Unit Manager with a focus on software development for customers in Stockholm. She will be responsible for hiring over 20 experts and managing new and existing accounts within the software development domain.

Sigma Technology Group, one of the largest IT consulting companies in Sweden, follows its expansion strategy and invests considerably in the growth of Stockholm’s business entity and creating new jobs in Sweden. Having 7 companies presented in the region, the company aims to provide comprehensive expertise in the IT industry and cover a rising demand for digitalization services and skilled consultants.

One of the Group’s daughter companies, Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions aims to expand its software development offer, opening a new unit that will evolve this domain. With a focus on the digitalization of our customers’ products and business processes, the company offers expert knowledge and a solid background in software design, information management, and business analysis. Julia Holmberg will take the lead as the unit manager to help the company achieve its goals.

Julia Holmberg, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions, comments: “Stockholm is a hotspot for tech talent and is an ideal site for software development services. The city’s vibrant tech ecosystem offers opportunities for businesses to thrive and great interesting projects for top talents. In this dynamic environment, my job is to establish strong and lasting customer relationships with high growth in the Stockholm area. In my role as a leader, it will be essential to build a team of individuals who are highly committed and dedicated to the company and our clients.

Julia Holmberg has previously worked in sales within the recruitment industry, with a focus on IT and construction, and has also pursued leadership and organizational training in addition to her previous job.

My vision and goal are for everyone to feel involved, and secure, and to have opportunities for development. My goal within the next two years is to recruit approximately 20 consultants,” adds Julia.


For more information, contact:

Julia Holmberg, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions, julia.holmberg@sigmatechnology.com