Sigma Technology expands in Småland and highlights Amelie Olsen as a new unit manager

Amelie Olsen

Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions plans to expand in Växjö to meet high demand among local companies for software development, IoT, 3D development, business analysis services. The company welcomes Amelie Olsen, responsible for evolving the company’s business development and talent acquisition.

Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions (formerly Sigma Technology Solutions) is continuing its expansion on the Swedish market and has already established a solid presence in Småland region. Daniel Björkman, CEO at Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions, comments: “We see an increasing demand for software development services among local companies willing to boost their innovation and product development. And this is not surprising, Växjö is kind of a hub with many well-established and new promising high-tech companies. The Linnaeus University with its strong department of Informatics is also very valuable for the region. We are welcoming Amelie Olsen, a new unit manager, who will help us establish a greater presence and contribute to the sustainable development of the region through technologies.”

Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions has been present in Kronoberg region since 2002 and has been an active contributor making the tech industry more attractive. Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions has close cooperation with Linnaeus University and many companies in Växjö. Växjö’s plan to evolve the sustainable business life and welfare of the region fully matches Sigma Technology Group’s vision of creating both superior employment conditions for local talents and university graduates and supporting companies on their innovation journey.

Amelie Olsen, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions, has a professional background in management and recruitment with solid skills in HR, customer care, sales, and industry. Amelie shares her vision and plans: “The company is growing both with our existing customers and plans to broaden the business scope. On top of that, we see a growing need not only for software development services but also other service areas as well. It could be, for example, content creation, information management, business analysis, internet of things, 3D development and more,” and continues: “As a unit manager, I am going to focus on attracting new talents to join our team of competent consultants in Växjö. I will also be responsible for account management, recruitment and development of personnel, and most importantly maintaining the standards of the best managed company in Sweden.”

Amelie has already started working in the company and shares her first impressions about Sigma Technology Group: “I’m feeling inspired! I am working with competent and experienced people at the forefront of technology. Instantly I have been welcomed, there is a great team spirit here in Växjö, and there is an incredible dedication and devotion to our customers and pride in what we do. We are taking part in the digital revolution, together with the world’s leading brands, and the sky is the limit – how can this not be exciting!


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Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communication Officer at Sigma Technology Group, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com

Amelie Olsen, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions, amelie.olsen@sigmatechnology.com

Daniel Björkman, President at Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions, daniel.bjorkman@sigmatechnology.com


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