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About the client

As a power management company with more than 85,000 employees, Eaton operates in more than 175 countries. Eatons energy-efficient products and services can help customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power more reliably, efficiently, safely, and sustainably. 

Eaton Il produttore


Customer requirements

Eaton needed a professional content provider to deliver whitepapers, product posters, information visualization, website content, and other Chinese and English content for their brand promotion. 


Our solutions

We followed a content-first, design-second approach. Through close collaboration with our global teams, we delivered market-oriented content for Eaton’s diverse publishing platforms, including white papers, posters, information visualizations, and bilingual websites, providing high-quality support for Eaton’s brand and product promotion. 


Customer satisfaction

Eaton is highly pleased with our information development services and international design style. We have been their trusted and long-standing content service provider, maintaining a strong and successful collaboration over the years. 


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