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The customer is a market leader in Sweden in the FinTech industry. 



The company faced several challenges in its AWS account strategy, CI/CD toolchain, and release cycles. It used several different tools for its CI/CD pipeline: GitHub, AWS CodeCommit, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, and AWS CodePipeline. The company also ran its entire workload in a single AWS Account. The release process for new features was slow and required several hours of manual steps, which caused deployments to be done only a few times per year. 



To address the company’s challenges, Sigma Technology Cloud led and coordinated the work towards a streamlined solution and multi-account strategy consisting of GitHub and GitHub Actions. Sigma Technology and the customer’s Cloud Engineers collaborated to break out each environment in the workload into a separate AWS Account, handled by AWS Organisation. User management was moved to the AWS Identity Center.

The management and setup of AWS infrastructure were fully automated using AWS CloudFormation and AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model). CI/CD was streamlined to GitHub Actions with a multi-account deployment target. The entire deployment was fully automated, removing all manual steps and thereby reducing deployment time from hours to minutes. 

Sigma Technology Cloud helps with SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) training, moving the organization to a DevOps approach with Continued Integration and Development. Software can be deployed as soon as a feature is production-ready, and it could be deployed several times per day if needed. 


Results and benefit 

Streamlining the toolchain, training staff in these tools, creating a multi-account strategy, introducing a DevOps mindset, and proper SDLC allowed the company to deploy new features several times daily. 

With an isolated multi-account setup, the confidence in feature testing grows, removing obstacles; with the introduction of a fully automated process, a failed test could initiate automatic remediation. The multi-account strategy allowed for early testing, finding problems before they landed in production. 


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