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Head on Nails AB, headquartered in Sweden, enters partnership with Sigma Technology for the development and management of a new technical competence development platform. 

Head on Nails AB is founded by individuals with many years of experience in developing processes and methods for an efficient and validated supply of skills to companies, industry organizations, the education system, and the public sector. Head on Nails offers a digital service for the development and verification of validated competencies, which is based on several unique quality assurance processes. 

Developing a platform to achieve effective validated competence provisioning.  

The collaboration involves the development and maintenance of a new service, SkillUpTool. The SkillUpTool is a cloud-based digital ecosystem that supports pedagogically structured competence planning, development, and follow-up regardless of industry and competence level. The service connects Employers, Industry Organizations, Employees / Individuals, Training Organizations, and Employment Agencies. 

Competence development is extremely important in today's society. Technology is evolving every day and as an IT supplier, we have an obligation to provide our customers with the right skills at the right time. We, like many other employers, want to offer competence development for our employees and I find SkillUpTool to be the perfect solution to meet the technological disruption and look forward to the journey we are facing. Rashin Kabodvand, President at Sigma Technology Cloud
We were looking for a partner for the development and management of SkillUpTool and Sigma Technology fits perfectly for this role. We appreciate their broad technical competence and complete understanding of our business. Per Wigström, CEO of Head on Nails

The goal of the collaboration is to jointly develop and manage SkillUpTool and increase the understanding and opportunities for the validated and qualified supply of skills in the market.


Serverless and managed services to remove the undifferentiated heavy lifting 

SkillUpTool tool is built on AWS serverless and managed services. It was important to use serverless and managed services to remove undifferentiated heavy lifting to speed up the development of new features.  

By running the Java and Node.Js / React-based microservices Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) in Fargate mode, the development team doesn’t need to handle server provisioning. Amazon Cognito was the natural choice for user management, authentication, and authorization, for its great integration possibilities with the AWS echo system. The team needed a relational database where the choice was to use Amazon Aurora for its great availability and resilience. All data and traffic are encrypted using AWS KMS.

By only using serverless and managed services from AWS we didn’t have to focus on server management and scaling. We could put all our time into the development of features and functionality. It would not have been possible to develop all of this in such a short time if we weren’t running in the AWS Cloud using AWS services and a serverless mindset. Maurits Johansson, development lead at Sigma Technology Cloud

Rashin Kabodvand

President at Sigma Technology Cloud