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About the client

Iclegend Micro is dedicated to advancing the intelligence of radio frequency technology, focusing on developing high-performance wireless technology-related chips. Their products are widely applied in wireless fields such as millimeter wave sensors, next-generation mobile communications, and satellite communications. With a wealth of project management, team coordination, and entrepreneurial experience, Iclegend Micro leverages its robust technical strength to expedite the commercialization of cutting-edge RF chip technology.

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Customer requirements

Iclegend Micro required a two-day customized technical writing training program, with their existing documents as samples, to help R&D engineers responsible for technical writing understand the basic rules and specifications of technical writing. 


Our solutions

  • We simplified the training by using real-life examples to explain the essential concepts and rules of technical writing, considering that R&D engineers lacked systematic training in this area.
  • We utilized hands-on exercises and group discussions to help R&D engineers effectively internalize and apply the principles. The interactive activities fostered a deeper understanding of technical writing.
  • We utilized issues from their sample documentation as hands-on case studies, which helped the R&D engineers rapidly improve their practical skills in technical writing.


Customer satisfaction

The training has garnered unanimous praise from ICLEGEND MICRO’s R&D engineers, achieving an outstanding satisfaction rating of 94.6 points. The engineers have acquired essential knowledge and practical skills in technical writing, finding the training informative and engaging.


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