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Xiaomi, the fourth-largest global smartphone manufacturer, has achieved a prominent position in the mobile phone market across 30+ countries and regions. Notably, in India, the company has maintained the leading position in mobile phone shipments for five consecutive quarters. Through its innovative “eco-chain model,” Xiaomi’s investments have fostered a network of like-minded entrepreneurs while establishing IoT platforms connecting over 1.3 million smart devices.

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Requirement 1: structured document conversion

1000+ unstructured PDF document copies generated by different product lines and Xiaomi ecological chain suppliers had to be migrated and converted on the newly introduced content management platform. The specific requirements were as follows: 

  • Customer wanted to enhance content reuse between related products while maintaining quality, as there was a lack of uniformity in document content styles, even within the same product line, owing to various vendors. 
  • Due to the absence of unified standards among different suppliers, the previous structured conversion services for Xiaomi’s technical documents often exhibited inconsistent quality. The customer required establishing benchmark products to standardize the conversion across different suppliers. 


  • We enhanced the quality of 30 documents from Xiaomi’s five major product lines by analyzing the functional modules of each product line. Within the specified timeframe, we successfully completed the structured conversion of all documents.  Additionally, we built and implemented content reuse strategies and standards and formed practical examples across various levels, significantly increasing the proportion of content reuse. 
  • We automated portions of the content conversion using scripts and documented operational guidelines and standard documents for structured conversion. This streamlined the conversion process, improving efficiency and ensuring consistency in conversion standards. 


Requirement 2: competitor analysis of core products

The technical documents of Xiaomi’s core products and their competitive counterparts needed to be evaluated and compared to enable the identification of current quality problems and the formulation of improvement measures.

Our solutions:

  • We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the document quality data for Xiaomi’s products and its competitors across five dimensions, utilizing a combination of tools and manpower. Based on the findings and improvement measures, we have formulated short-term and long-term strategies for enhancing the quality of Xiaomi’s technical documents. 
  • We tailored two versions of the competitor analysis reports to technical writers and managers. 


Customer satisfaction

We are listed by Xiaomi as a distinguished provider of content services since we successfully impressed the head of Xiaomi’s content management office with our professional, positive, and responsible performance. 


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