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Sigma Technology Embedded Network

From sensor to action

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Powering innovation through embedded technology expertise

We offer companies R&D resources to enhance their digitalization efforts. With a strong background in IoT and embedded devices, as well as advanced knowledge in image handling and video streaming, we are well-equipped to support your needs.

Our team can assist you in effectively managing a large number of devices, extracting valuable insights from your data, and taking action accordingly. By leveraging our expertise, you can maximize the potential of your sensors.

Our services cover various applications, including office spaces, parking lots, campuses, retail establishments, hospitals, and clinics, among others. Through our Insights, you can gain a deeper understanding of your operations and make improvements where necessary. We provide tools that aggregate relevant data, offer actionable insights, and provide human recommendations based on our extensive collective experience.


Local Drive – Global Strength

Sigma Technology combines a strong local presence with a global reach and capacity.

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Our company values

We drive results with people committed to your use-case.

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Continuous growth

We take the time to learn and improve every day.

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Team belonging

We care about our colleagues in a broad sense, physically and mentally.

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Feedback culture

We expect, provide, and are happy to receive feedback.

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Don´t settle

We believe it can be done smarter and better both for our customers and our colleagues.

Our expertise

We handle projects and provide R&D resources to accelerate digitalization efforts in IoT and big data. With cutting-edge expertise from IoT and embedded devices to cloud infrastructures, we offer insights to manage large numbers of devices and expose valuable data. Our multinational team provides exceptional value and actionable recommendations based on collective experiences. 

  • IoT and Embedded Devices
  • Wireless Communication
  • Video and Image Analysis
  • Cloud Infrastructures
  • Apps (Android, Web, iOS)

What we deliver

Our multinational team is committed to delivering exceptional value and actionable recommendations based on collective experiences. We go above and beyond dashboards to provide punctual action points and human recommendations. At Sigma Technology Embedded Network, we believe in continuous growth, team belonging, and a refusal to settle for anything but the best.


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President, Sigma Technology Embedded Network
Alexandre Martins
Chief Technology Officer, Sigma Technology Embedded Network
Mazdak Farzone
Principal Engineer, Sigma Technology Embedded Network