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Inspirational conference & networking

At Sigma Technology’s yearly summit you get a great opportunity to meet 600+ colleagues from Sweden and attend an inspirational conference where we sum up the year, achievements, activities, and share plans for the next year.

Fun together

Enjoy team buildings, parties, sunbathing, and sports activities with your new teammates!


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Your journey with us starts with an onboarding where you can learn about your future with us. But we don't stop there. We believe that onboarding is equally important for new and existing team members, because as the world and technologies develop, so do we develop as an organization and teams as well. That's why we meet once a year on a Summit, our yearly onboarding for all the colleagues. We have a joint summit for our teams in Sweden, Hungary, and China.

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Being a part of Sigma Technology family means being what and who you want to be. Fusioning your skills, passion for technologies, and curiosity, you’ll match your desired field of work with our competence and incredible projects intended to make the digital revolution happen.


What does it mean to be a part of Sigma Technology?

  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Technologies
  • Talent development & superior employment
  • Caring leaders
  • Challenging work
  • Corporate spirit

People are our top priority

We have created a safe workplace where sharp minds can thrive and their competence is the top priority. By now, we have gathered over 2900 professionals coming from 40 countries and continuously develop company culture to provide equal opportunities based on people’s qualifications and abilities. 


Encouraging your work-life balance

We believe flexibility and maintenance of a work-life balance create a truly healthy and friendly environment. Being a part of Sigma Technology, you will have opportunities not only to advance as an expert but grow as a personality, having time for your family, friends, hobbies, and essential activities.


Work at the heart of the digital revolution.

At Sigma Technology, you grow and develop your career at the forefront of innovation, helping our customers with their digitalization journey developing and improving new and existing products. Together, we are fulfilling our goal of making technology usable.


We help develop your true extraordinarily

Making employment a superior experience is our continuous focus and top priority. We are proud that our people voted us to become Top 3 Sweden’s Best Employer three years in a row. This aligns with our ambition to become a leading technology consulting company where our people are in focus. To help our talents grow, we regularly conduct activities and invest in education to develop and enrich their expertise. Training, coaching, professional workshops, conferences, summits, internal learning are available for our experts.


Safe and productive workplace made for you

Your manager will follow you closely along your journey with us at Sigma Technology. We aim to build strong and long-term relations built on trust and transparency ensuring that you get the most suitable customer’s assignment based on your professional competence, skills, qualities, and preferences.


Be challenged and take responsibility in a successful company

You will work together with many leading Swedish and international companies and be part of a company that values long-term relationships and open/honest discussions with their clients. Close collaboration with your clients means they will trust you and challenge you to provide new solutions and continuously deliver high-quality results.


Be healthy, strong, and have fun all together

Challenging assignments are only one part of our life within the Sigma Family. We care about the welfare of our members. We participate in various activities such as running, cycling, playing football, and many other sports. The company also regularly hosts walking competitions. Employees also benefit from yearly corporate seminars, team building, company gifts, and branded corporate gear.


Meet our people


Malin Nordqvist

UX Expert and Business Analyst Consultant

For me, being a consultant means feeling safe, free, and seen. Recently, I had a chance to join our yearly Summit where I could meet all my colleagues. I still feel inspired by the great vibes and energy I experienced during that Summit. We were over 500 people meeting together for the first time. Even though I was new in the company, I instantly felt welcomed and a part of a big family.

Frank Camara

Unit manager

I chose Sigma Technology because we have similar values. I see it as a matter of course to be a part of the digital journey, where we will be the leading technology consulting company with a strong focus on people. With my technical background and experience as a consultant, I hope to be able to contribute to this.

Amelie Olsen

Unit manager

I’m feeling inspired! I am working with competent and experienced people at the forefront of technology. Instantly I was welcomed with a great team spirit, and there is an incredible dedication and devotion to our customers and pride in what we do. We are taking part in the digital revolution, together with the world’s leading brands, and the sky is the limit. How can this not be exciting!

Jimmy Dahlqvist

Head of AWS Technologies

I chose Sigma Technology as I believe that the company is in a very interesting phase of strong growth. I enjoy great opportunities to influence and build from the ground up. My vision is that within a couple of years, Sigma Technology will be the obvious partner to help companies with their journey to the cloud from start to finish.

Istvan Szabo

Technical Writer

What I love at Sigma is that I have the opportunity to do the things I love. Apart from my technical writer position, I’m also supporting the team with IT, which helps me to strengthen my IT knowledge and learn some development things. Another important thing for me is the team spirit and supporting management in the company, which helps a person to develop and grow.

Tobias Eriksson

Cyber and Information Security Director

So far, I have only seen the positive things, exciting projects and great relations with customers. Sigma Technology is a company where, for the first time, I feel that the company and I see the same opportunities and only the sky is a limit. Looking forward to every day when I am booting up for work.

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