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In an exclusive interview with Smålandsposten, Niklas Malmros, CEO of Sigma Technology Solution Group, sheds light on the company’s recent acquisition of Appbites in Kosovo. Discover the driving forces behind Sigma’s expansion into Europe’s emerging tech hub and the vision for fostering international collaboration and talent exchange.

Sigma Technology Solution Group, a leading IT consultancy, has acquired Appbites, a software company in Kosovo. This strategic acquisition not only marks Sigma’s expansion into new territories but also signifies a milestone in fostering international collaboration and talent exchange.

Niklas Malmros, CEO of Sigma Technology Solution Group, highlights the significance of this venture.

One of the most fun things I’ve done in a long time, getting to know new people and getting rid of their prejudices

With over a decade of experience in Ukraine, Sigma has paved the way for fruitful partnerships abroad, driven by a quest for both expertise and affordability.

Arianit Kurti, a key figure in facilitating this collaboration, brings a unique perspective to the table. As a native of Kosovo and head of the informatics department at Linnaeus University, he has been involved in various projects to strengthen Kosovo’s education system and develop its tech industry.

Arianit Kurti and Niklas Malmros
Photo: Jonas Engman

I think there are opportunities for both countries to benefit from this cooperation.

Kosovo, despite its economic challenges, boasts a young and educated population with a growing IT sector.

Niklas highlights the importance of understanding Kosovo’s culture and people, viewing international acquisitions as an opportunity to enrich Sigma’s global perspective.

Looking ahead, Arianit sees Sigma as a pioneer in setting a standard for business in Kosovo and hopes that other Swedish companies will follow suit. He believes that collaborations like these can pave the way for a brighter future for Kosovo, where talent thrives locally while serving international markets.

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