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In the second episode of Information Talks, hosts Robbie and Margo explore key topics shaping the tech landscape. Margo starts the discussion with a cautionary tale of a ransomware attack on a Swedish IT supplier, highlighting the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures. Robbie follows with an insightful examination of a new law passed by the European Parliament to combat greenwashing and ensure transparency in sustainability claims. This legislation marks a significant step forward in promoting accountability within the industry.

Transitioning to practical advice, Robbie and Margo offer invaluable insights into mastering the art of networking in the tech world. From leveraging online platforms like LinkedIn to making meaningful connections at industry events, their guidance resonates with professionals at all levels. The episode culminates with a spotlight on a listener question from Sarah, a consultant seeking advice on enhancing networking skills. Drawing from their own experiences, Robbie and Margo provide actionable tips and encourage Sarah to leverage existing connections while exploring new avenues for networking.



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