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Elena Hallin from Sigma Technology IT Infra was featured in Ekuriren due to her two Sigma Technology Awards wins — Leader of the Year and Brand Ambassador of the Year! 

Since January 2022, Elena Hallin has established Sigma Technology IT Infra based in Eskilstuna and Västerås. Her role today is the Unit Manager for Mälardalen/Stockholm, with over 20 employees.

During the Sigma Technology Summit 2023 held in Benidorm, Spain, Elena received two remarkable awards, Leader of the Year and Brand Ambassador of the Year. Employees at Sigma had the opportunity to nominate any colleague in five different categories.

Elena Hallin Sigma Technology
Elena Hallin at Sigma Technology Summit 2023


Elena Hallin, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology IT Infra, shares:  

I still have not quite grasped it, honestly. To receive two of these awards from so many talented colleagues surprised me a lot – and naturally made me both happy and touched.

She continues:  

I started our operations in Eskilstuna and Västerås in mid-January 2023 from scratch. At that point, there was not a single candidate, consultant, or client. Before a year had passed, I had ten employees in my unit, working with eight different clients, five of whom were new clients for Sigma Technology.


Is there a shortage of technical consultants?  

When it comes to IT consultants right now, I would say that there is not such a significant shortage. The candidate market has changed in the last few months because of the economic situation, and I currently see a rather good supply of IT consultants.


What significance has your childhood had for your professional career?  

 It has probably had some significance in the sense that I have two parents who always fought in different ways. I have learned that nothing comes for free; one needs to strive to achieve what one wants. I am far from being pampered, so to speak, and I am very grateful for that. Add a generous portion of love to that, and it could not be better.


Do you have advice for younger people aspiring to build their careers?  

 Go for it, just go! Reflect on what you are good at or have a knack for it, and what you find enjoyable, and then just do it. Don’t wait for anyone else’s approval in any way; believe in yourself and do your thing. Network, treat people well in all situations, and build your own brand by being yourself.


How do you combine family with your career? 

Well, it’s not always the easiest – especially during the early years with small children, but it’s doable! Fortunately, the kids have two parents. Even though it can be challenging at times, I still consider it a significant advantage to have children when you are a leader and/or run a company. If you can manage a toddler and a pre-teenager, there is nothing the business world can throw at you that you can not handle.


Resource: Ekuriren