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Why did you decide to work in tech?

I find it hard to dislike tech. When I was a child, I early bought a digital camera, the old clumsy variant. As a diabetic, I like to know about new and smarter medical equipment. And nowadays, with all these different apps helping your daily life, like this plant app sending reminders when to water your plants. Writing and structuring are also old interests. I think these combinations, tech, and writing, have led me to study and job opportunities.

How can you describe your current role? What’s your responsibility area?

I am producing different kinds of documentation, e.g., user manuals. I am also involved in maintaining a documentation portal, and keeping it user-friendly. I would say that my area of responsibility is to keep delivering within my expertise to help businesses to attain their goals.

What career plans do you have for the future, and how do you see your further professional development?

To sharpen my skills even more and learn more about developing and streamlining processes. Maybe a broad expression, but so is the technology industry, surprising and exciting. I am looking forward to what the future will give.

What can you advise for women just entering the tech?

That, regardless of gender, do not forget you are more than you are and that you have the right to show what you stand for.



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