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Why did you decide to work in the tech industry?

I grew up on a farm surrounded by different machines. A machine is an intelligent way to get away from doing the hard and heavy job yourself, but sometimes they get broken. So how do you repair them? Could you also improve them? Growing up on a farm is inspiring.

How can you describe your current role? What’s your responsibility area?

My role is to help develop and implement a part-centric system to present requirements adjusted to the situation for each supplier. My area is networking in different teams, formulating business needs, testing, holding training sessions, and spreading information during the project.

What career plans do you have for the future, and how do you see your further professional development

One thought is to continue developing new systems for big organizations and setting up digital solutions to improve the information flow. Also, I would like to work with solutions for mobile phones and tablets. As much as I like writing, images and movies are also nice for presenting information.  

What can you advise for women just entering the tech?

I would like to quote the company’s founder I have as a customer: “Most things remain undone. Glorious future!” If more women contributed to tech solutions, we would accelerate the journey into the future. My advice to women is to stay confident and understand that they make a valuable contribution!



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