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Tamas Kovacs, a graphic designer at Sigma Technology Hungary, believes that the most important and challenging part of his job is to coin ideas that meet the client’s needs. Based in Budapest, Hungary, Tamas is fascinated by photography and takes part in projects from various domains, from Advertising to Automotive.

  • Tamás, what does a graphic designer at Sigma Technology do daily?

    I try to interpret the client’s needs and transform them into a visual language. Sometimes it takes 2D motion graphics or 3D animations; other times – photorealistic 3D renders or still images. Planning, brainstorming, trying out ideas, checking them with the client, and coming up with improved ideas are what we mostly do. Executing these ideas is usually the easier part.

  • How can graphics, such as 3D animations, support the client’s product and brand? 

    3D animation is a very versatile medium when it comes to presentation. It can demonstrate how a product works easily and understandably without the actual product, a studio, and live videos. If a product is updated, you don’t need to reshoot a video. 3D animation can be changed much easier. 

    Besides that, a 3D animation can do incredible things not feasible with live shots. For example, showing internal parts, their operation, and various physical effects would be a lot harder or sometimes even impossible. Not only can it showcase complex systems and interactions, products, or services that do not exist yet, but it can also create a unique feeling for the product and make it more attractive.

  • Would you like to give an example of what industries use 3D animations the most?

    The film and gaming industries probably use 3D animations the most, but it is indispensable in the advertising industry as well. It is safe to say that every major company uses 3D animation or static 3D images in one way or another to showcase their products.

  • Any recent projects where graphic design makes the difference?

    We created 3D and 2D animations for the Innotrans exhibition for Knorr-Bremse. Their products and services are based on cutting-edge tech and can be difficult to understand on the go. The brief was very extensive, in-depth, and filled with details. We had to come up with a visual style and filter the information so that we could transform technical data and detailed technical 3D models into a visually engaging medium.

    The almost photorealistic still images we are creating for Lynk&Co’s new digital user guide are also a unique project. It has to match the client’s innovative, youthful, and daring style, but since this is the company’s first digital user guide, we are not limited to anything that has been done before. We have the creative freedom to come up with new ideas and solutions.

3D illustrations for Lynk&Co


Tamas Kovacs

Graphic designer at Sigma Technology Hungary

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