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I felt that I can be an example that adult life can sort out after all. There is no right or wrong way, but the mentorship program is on your mentee’s terms. You can be an insightful friend or just someone who is there and listens. Axel Westerling works as a UX Designer at Sigma Technology Tech Network.

Axel Westerling works as a UX Designer at Sigma Technology Tech Network, and he is one of Sigma Technology Mentors in Stockholm. We have asked Axel about his experience halfway into the program.  

Why did you decide to become a mentor? 

I feel that I am privileged in the sense that I have experienced different situations and I want to share what I have learned and maybe help a teenager out there with advice or just be there and listen. When I filled in an application to become a mentor, I opted to provide career and future guidance. 

How did the selection and onboarding process go?  

After having sent in the application to Mentor, I got contacted for an interview, and later I got an invitation to the digital education from Mentor. We have learned tips and tricks on mentorship relations, communications, how to handle sensitive topics, and so on. A week later we had our first mentor meeting with other mentors and adepts.  

Tell us about your adept and your first meeting.  

We met in a city for a walk and coffee. My goal was to get to know my adept a bit better, so I asked lots of questions, the conversation was a bit restrained at first, but we worked it out. We talked about his plans to apply for a gymnasium, what subjects he was interested in, and what thoughts he had on his future career. He was looking for ideas and inspiration. After that, we met for a gaming night.  

My adept doesn’t feel highly motivated with studies. I recognize his feelings from my teenage years, so I try to support him by sharing my thoughts on why education is important and how it can support him in his future career choices. I am looking forward to the rest of the program.  

What tips do you have for future mentors?  

My best tips – don’t doubt and go for it! All of us have experiences that are valuable and important to share. Mentor gives lots of choices on what areas you can support your adept with, and you can get support along the way if you face any challenges in communication with the mentee.    


About Mentor and Sigma Technology’s cooperation 

Sigma Technology Group partners with Mentor Sweden, a non-profit organization working with youth empowerment through mentoring. Founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden and with the WHO members back in 1996, Mentor has a vision of a world where young people are empowered to make healthy decisions. Their mentorship programs and coaching sessions provide young people with role models to enhance resilience and accelerate potential. Each year Mentor reaches 25,000 youth. Sigma Technology Group partners with Mentor in socioeconomically challenged areas in Sweden, where the need for mentoring and role models is the highest. 

The first joint mentorship program kicked off in March 2022.