#womenintechnology – Veronica Dahlqvist, IT Project manager, team leader


Veronica is a project manager and a team leader with an excellent track record in IT. She started her career in the tech sphere as a software tester and then as a software developer. Today Veronica manages multiple different projects simultaneously and works with advanced IT security systems. “Organizing, planning, and leadership have been my goal my entire life. I thrive on creating structure and making my team happy and providing them with the keys they need to succeed. I am proud to say I have gotten this far this fast. But, even though I have reached one of my main goals in life, I am far from done. I want to keep evolving and become a better person and leader. I am hungry for challenges.” – comments Veronica.


Where and what program did you study? What do you think about your education program?

I have been studying cognitive science at Linköping university from 2013 to 2016. I loved the education. It was fascinating and a perfect mix of psychology and technology. We were about 50/50 women and men in the program. This education gave me all the building blocks needed for a stable foundation as a software developer. It gave me knowledge in programming, design, testing, and project managing. With such a broad spectrum of expertise, it was not surprising that I became a project manager. It has been advantageous to have such a vast knowledge base when needing to plan projects and communicate with designers, testers, developers, and customers.


There are still fewer girls who choose technical education than boys. How do you think it can be changed?

I think more women would choose the tech area if it were more socially acceptable for women to like technology and to be involved in it. Computers in general and games are often marketed towards boys, even though girls would enjoy them as well. Just take ads for a console as an example. It would be great if the ads express diversity and if they would become more inclusive.


Tell us about your career in tech! What do you like the most about working in the tech sector?

I enjoy the challenges the most. You often have to figure out how to solve complex problems. I started as a tester, moved on to become a software engineer, and now I am a project leader. And it started with an interest in computers and games. A course in technical psychology is what made me choose to study cognitive science.


What do you find the most encouraging about being an engineer?

Solving difficult problems. There are no similar projects and each one requires a tailor-made solution and creative approach. That is what drives me and my team – to jump over our heads each time to gain the best results.


How can the tech industry become more inclusive?

I really enjoy having a mix of men and women in the workplace. If it becomes very male-heavy, you can feel left out. Feeling alone makes you want to pick another job. I think it is important to let people hang out and get to know each other so that none feel lonely. Make time for activities for the co-workers!


Technology is one of the most developed areas nowadays, as many new inventions come every day. The majority of businesses have now recognized that a balanced and diversified work environment brings the best productivity. However, still, a small percentage of women consider technology and engineering for future employment. Therefore, we launched a series of interviews ‘Women in Technology’ with Sigma Technology’s female employees to show that women are making a big change in the technology and engineering world. #womenintechnology