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At the beginning of December, we attended the 8th annual Big Data Conference at Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden. Jonas Tillström, Data Analytics & BI Area Manager at Sigma Technology Insight Solutions, opened the first day of the conference with a speech on predicting optimal maintenance planning using data from connected products.

This year’s Big Data Conference host was Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA). The invited speakers came from different universities and businesses, combining longer talks with an academic or an industry focus mixed with poster mingles. The attendants could also learn about the results and ongoing research within DISA.  

We asked Jonas Tillström about his impressions after the Big Data conference:

On the first day of the conference, we focused on various projects that dealt with or used Big Data, while the second day was more academic, with more profound mathematics lectures and advanced descriptions of algorithms for multiple applications in the field.

During my speech, I presented how we worked with Big Data in predictive maintenance and optimized service planning for the automotive sector. We discussed why it is essential to invest in the optimization of maintenance planning, what it means, and what benefits optimal service planning brings to the customers.

Each hour a product is being out of ordinary service means an essential cost or loss of income for the operator. Breakdowns of products due to incorrect maintenance lead to even higher costs for the operator and also decrease the reputation of the products. Optimal service planning can significantly reduce the total downtime for a product and the number of maintenance occasions. Jonas Tillström

In conclusion, I shared what competencies the team needs to have to make a service planning analysis and what results could be delivered from such a project. Finally, I briefly mentioned our recent offer, predictive maintenance as a service.

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