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Sigma Technology has started cooperation with a vocational school IT-Högskolan in Gothenburg and supports the school’s professional IT education program. Sigma Technology experts with key competence in tech and IT will help IT-Högskolan students to enter the job market well-prepared and aware of the available opportunities.

Sigma Technology Solutions takes a further step in advancing education in Sweden to meet the IT industry needs and prepare students for today’s job market. The Sigma team chose to support IT-Högskolan vocational school offering 2-year education programs in different IT directions. 

Sigma Technology Solutions experts will conduct a coaching program for IT-Högskolan students helping them with:

–      Inspirational lectures and events for students focusing on giving an overview of the IT industry and job opportunities for students after graduation.

–      Coaching in preparing a personal pitch, crafting a CV, mastering interview techniques, preparing for LIA (student internship program at workplaces), working Agile, mentoring, and much more.

Together with our professional courses in .NET and Agile/Scrum, the coaching program aims to assist graduates in fulfilling their potential and finding the optimal position for their career start in IT.

“Having a mentor or a coach is substantial to understand what opportunities there are in the IT area and select positions that fit your abilities and inclinations. We all started our professional journey at some point and remembered a million questions we had then. Now we want to be there for people who are just beginning this journey and not just for a short conversation, but a complete coaching program,” explains Jessica Mitrosbaras, a Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Solutions and one of the creators of the program.

“Our IT University has close links with leading IT companies in Sweden. This cooperation helps us provide better internship and employment opportunities to our students and stay up to date with quickly changing IT industry requirements. Our coaching program with Sigma Technology Solutions gives our students and IT professionals a direct contact to find answers together,” says Erik Eklund, Business Manager at IT-Högskolan.

Sigma Technology Solutions has previously conducted several LIA internships together with IT-Högskolan in the areas of augmented and virtual reality, software testing, and software development.

For more information, please, contact Jessica Mitrosbaras, jessica.mitrosbaras@sigmatechnology.com.