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Sigma Technology Development has provided services in R&D for over 20 years. Now the company expands its services with support expertise offering for product companies. Karl Evans comes in as COO for the new business area and brings his 18+ years of experience in the aftermarket to the team. Karl has previously worked as Global Support Manager at Volvo Group Trucks Technology.

Customer support is no longer something that can be left to deal with as an afterthought. A company’s future relies on a successful combination of high-quality products and professional customer support. The essence of Sigma Technology support solutions is a dedicated organization committed to developing and operating support activities on behalf of our customers.

The range of services will cover anything from a product, information, system documentation, and aftermarket support, including product issue feedback, in-depth issue management, and support operation development.

Karl Evans has earlier worked with Sigma Technology team, where he has built a support structure that allowed greater flexibility, improved deliveries, response times, and operation structure. Karl knows what factors are substantial to achieve professional customer support:

“I am looking forward to developing Sigma Technology’s expertise in support solutions. Our mission is to add value by providing fast, effective customer-centered support activities that mold to the needs and exceed end-user expectations.”

Sigma Technology Development is a part of Sigma Technology Group and unites today over 80 people who are passionate about creating a better society through innovative automotive products and services within the embedded design.

Would you like to know more? Contact Karl Evans to see how your organization can benefit from Sigma Technology Support Solutions:

Karl Evans, karl.evans@sigmatechnology.com