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It’s time to sum up the results and achievements of this year. So what did 2022 bring to us? What will we bring to the next year?

This year was very controversial and contrasting: with bright happenings and reasons to smile and the darkest saddest things like the war in Ukraine, where our subsidiary company Sigma Software is located with more than 2000 colleagues. Let’s dip into the depths of memory and recall all moments that made our story on page number 2022.


Business achievements and awards 

When we talk about our approach to business and operations, we always refer to sustainability and turning our words into concrete actions. For us, as a consulting company, knowledge, experience, and education are central components. That’s why we focus a lot on our vision – expect a better tomorrow – making it possible through education and innovation. 

20% annual growth 

We proudly show our customers and colleagues incredible flexibility and steady growth. Sigma Technology featured 20% annual growth again and fully carried out last year’s growth plan. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that this is the second year in a row when we have shown 20% annual growth YoY. 

Gold Member – Sweden’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte 

Sigma Technology was recognized as one of Sweden’s Best Managed Companies Gold members by Deloitte in cooperation with Nasdaq. The Gold member status was granted to us due to consecutive company recognition four years in a row since 2019. The award was officially presented in Stockholm on June 16.  

Our logo even appeared on Times Square in New York! 

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TOP 2 Best Employer in Sweden 

In 2022, we ranked second among the Best Employers in Sweden! This is the fourth year in a row that Sigma Technology Group ranks among the TOP 3 Best Employers when our employees get to vote. This award is exceptional for us because it’s proof that we are on the right track and performing high in internal identity, employee loyalty, and employee satisfaction. 

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AWS Advanced consulting partner 

Earlier in 2022, Sigma Technology obtained the status of AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Only companies meeting high standards and AWS demands get this status. By being an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, Sigma Technology Group gets access to AWS education and certification opportunities and may get AWS support for running joint projects together with the clients. 

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Dun & Bradstreet’s AAA Platinum Excellence Certificate 

Sigma Technology Hungary has received an AAA Platinum Excellence Certificate from Dun & Bradstreet (former Bisnode) for the third year in a row, proving our Budapest-based team’s dedication to delivering superior supplier and employer value. 

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CSAT: 89,3% in 2022 VS 87,3% in 2021 

Each year we ask our customers to share feedback and how they are satisfied with the provided services. Despite the growth in the number of projects and headcount in 2022, we scored 89,3%. An increase of 1,6% YoY proves that we are on the right track and improving our deliveries yearly, in line with one of our top priorities – delivering superior supplier value. 

4 000 000 spent on managed services 

This year we spent 4 000 000 hours on managed services for our clients. This year we had 173 exciting projects, which is 7,3% greater than in 2021. 

New companies within the organization 

We don’t start companies. Good ideas start companies. So this year brought 2 new companies to us: 

  • Sigma Technology Experience 
  • Sigma Technology North Solutions 

In total, Sigma Technology Group makes up 20 companies across 30 locations in 6 countries.

Besides new companies, we can boast of new launches across Sweden and extended offices in Malmö and Karlskrona.

Expanding investments in embedded solutions and electrification 

Our industry customers are getting more and more focused on digitalization and electrification. We saw a significant increase in projects where we have contributed with competence and insights into advanced technology. That is why Sigma Technology Group increased the pace and continued to grow by gathering forces within this area and making our capacity and excellence known, with competence in electrification, cyber security, functional safety, and e-mobility. 

Growth in the digitalization area 

Following our strategy, we continued developing our core offer of digitalization services and worked closely with projects on software development, front-end, cloud, data analytics, UX and digital accessibility, and digital transformation.

In this area, ETECTURE, a part of Sigma Technology Group, developed the Smart Solution Model and, at the same time, won Daimler Truck with this new direction. Together, we successfully launched the project and are working actively on its scaling. In addition, the cooperation with Sigma Technology has also developed successfully with other customers such as Mosolf.

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Partner Network reboot 

Sigma Technology Partner Network launched a new Work on Your Terms concept that gives all partners the flexibility and exclusive access to short- and long-term assignments, events, and activities. The Partner Network counts over 400 active members and 2,000 followers in Sweden and abroad. 

Sustainable organization 

Sigma Technology is committed to taking Corporate Environmental Responsibility to operate in an environment-friendly way and contribute to its continuous improvement.

Headcount growth 

At the end of 2022, Sigma Technology Group unites 3300 experts worldwide. Our colleagues come from 40 different countries, which makes us a truly diverse and multicultural company with a focus on talent and authenticity.

We stand with Ukraine

Ukraine is the country where more than 2000 colleagues of our subsidiary company Sigma Software lived, worked, and planned their lives. The big tragedy of the 24th of February, when russia invaded Ukraine, divided their lives into periods of before and after.  

During the year, We stand with Ukraine became not only words for us but concrete actions. 

  • We are proud of the tremendous effort done by our Ukrainian team that proved that their business contingency plan is not only a document but a fully functioning strategy. They evacuated over 2,800 Sigma colleagues and family relatives to Western parts of the country within the first weeks of the war and returned to fully operational status in their deliveries after two weeks after the start of the invasion.
  • Sigma Technology supported with teams’ relocation to Sweden and Hungary. Swedish and Hungarian colleagues opened their doors to Sigma Software’s people relocating to these countries. 
  • Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Group and the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Western and Southern Sweden, has become one of the initiators of the Upprop Ukraina, a fundraising initiative to support the Ukrainian nation directly. The funds were transferred to support Ukrainians with 24-hour food rations for the Humanitarian hub in the Mykolaiv oblast, medical equipment, means and equipment for humanitarian demining, personal protection equipment, and other humanitarian needs. 
  • Totally, Upprop Ukraina has gathered 20 000 00 SEK. 
  • Media reach and events. During the year, Sigma Technology actively supported events and provided informational support to help Ukrainian businesses withstand.  
  • Sigma Software, with the support from Danir, has developed a unique matching platform where Ukrainian temporarily displaced persons and families can be matched with Swedes who offer their accommodation. Read more and support swedesforukraine.org. ​ 
  • Regular updates in our intranet on highlighted news to keep our colleagues updated 

Sustainability and CSR 

Sigma Technology contributes to sustainable development through community development, education and innovation, gender equality, diversity, responsible consumption, and business ethics. Our involvement counts 11 sustainability projects in Sweden and Hungary to meet a brighter tomorrow and start a change for the better. 

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Expect a better tomorrow vision

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What can we feature this year?  

  •  Our colleagues joined Mentor Sverige and became mentors for youngsters to empower Swedish youth to make healthy life choices 
  • 4 colleagues from Swedish, Hungarian, and German locations became Star for Life ambassadors and, in August 2022, came to South Africa to visit three schools supported by Sigma Technology. Their mission is to support and empower youth, helping them follow their dreams and meet a brighter AIDS-free future.  
  • Sigma Technology Hungary was awarded the OPEN Survey Bronze Award. Thus, the company stood among the TOP 3 most inclusive companies in Hungary together with Vodafone Hungary and British Telecommunications. 
  • Sigma Technology Cloud established a Young Talent program, an in-house internship for students, allowing them to do their thesis work within IT and explore upcoming work life. The program is one of the few on the market that focuses on sustainable technology development and establishing a proper mindset for future co-workers in this context. 

Our featured events and occasions

Sigma Technology Summit 2022

This year 650 colleagues from our different Swedish offices met in Greece and had three days of inspiring meetings, networking, and knowledge sharing.

Information Talks 

In 2021, Sigma Technology Information launched a professional talk show where experts in different areas and industries reflect on the status and the future of product information, content development, user experience, and other important topics. In 2022, we had some more episodes issued! Check them out at the link.

BOTI Conference 

On October 18-19, the Swedish Industry Organization for Technical Information (BOTI) held its annual conference at Epicenter in Stockholm and online for the rest of participants. Johan Thornadsson, President at Sigma Technology Information, was one of the organizers of this year’s event and is also an active member of BOTI’s Board. This time, Malin Hammarberg from Sigma Technology shared insights about the connection between UX and technical information, Anna Ekedahl talked about being a UX writer, and Liselotte Shafiee talked about the importance of Topics. 

Tekom Europe conference 

Sigma Technology Hungary joined the largest professional association for technical communication, Tekom Europe, in 2022. Recently, Katalin Toth, Daniel Szabo, Gabriella Alexi, unit managers, and Laszlo Gellen, information architect and lead author, took part in the TC World Conference in Stuttgart on 8-10th November. 

SPIE conference 

The SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing conference was held In April in Orlando, Florida, where Anikó Simon, technical communication expert at Sigma Technology, had a presentation about delivering the specifications of smart wearable devices. 

SITIS conference 

On October 19-21, Aniko Simon and her team will participate in IEEE SITIS 2022 conference on signal image technology and internet-based systems in Dijon, France. The team will present two papers on “rugged” smartphones and the industrial utilization of glasses-free 3D visualization. 

AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas 

Sigma Technology Cloud team of 8 consultants visited the biggest AWS event in Las Vegas – AWS re:Invent. During the event, our teammates visited inspirational lectures and workshops, networked with like-minders, discovered new updates and trends in cloud computing. 

Big Data Conference

At the beginning of December, we attended the 8th annual Big Data Conference at Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden. Jonas Tillström, Data Analytics & BI Area Manager at Sigma Technology Insight Solutions, opened the first day of the conference with a speech on predicting optimal maintenance planning using data from connected products.


Looking forward  

We at Sigma Technology Group continue taking part in the digital revolution, supporting people’s lives with the help of new technologies and education development. We aim to maintain the status of one of the best employers in Sweden and Best Managed Company since it fully represents our vision of delivering superior value to customers, employees, and people around us. 

We continue developing in the fields of embedded systems, electrification, and digitalization, along with software development, product information, and IT infrastructure. Our goal is to establish the company as a TOP 3 IT service provider with stable growth of >20% YoY. 

In 2023, we will also continue the continuous improvement of our operations and sustainability performance. Sigma Technology contributes to sustainable development through community development, education and innovation, gender equality, diversity, responsible consumption, and business ethics. And these directions remain crucial for the next year.