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Welcome to our new digital talk show – Information Talks by Sigma Technology! You will hear experts in different areas and industries reflecting on the status and the future of product information, content development, user experience, and so much more.


Episode 1 – Evolution of the product information

Today’s product information is an integrated and digital experience that helps people understand and love products. The right information connects, saves lives, and drives technological development further.


Episode 2 – Migration of the product information

Migration of Product Information – Many companies need to modernize their documentation. Our experts discuss one of our major migration projects and the key factors that led us to complete the project successfully.

Episode 3 – Pandemic’s impact on Product Information

The pandemic has affected us all, including our product information. In this episode, we take a deeper look at a MedTech case and discuss how the pandemic has affected both the user need

Episode 4 – Do we need the information?

Annika Rosendahl, author and coach in leadership and product development, and Liselotte Shafiee, Information Expert at Sigma Technology, have an interesting discussion about the need for all the information produced.

Episode 5 – Digitization of Product Information

In this episode, we will have interesting discussions about Digital Twins, Industry 4.0, Documentation 4.0, and new communication methods.

Episode 6 – Highlights from BOTI 2021

In this episode, we share interesting talks, interviews, and trends from the BOTI 2021 Conference (the Swedish Industry Organization for Technical Information).

Episode 7 – Gamification

What is Gamification and why should companies implement Gamification? You will find the answers and learn more about Gamification in interesting discussions with our guest Cristoffer Wiker from Creative Crowd.

Episode 8 – UI/UX and Product Information

In this episode, our experts Malin Hammarberg, Head of Accessibility and Usability at Sigma Technology Digital Solutions, and Jason Brim will discuss Product Information in the context of UI/UX.

Episode 9 – Using ChatGPT for Learning

In this episode, learning experience designers Margarita Iashchina from Sigma Technology Information and Anastasiia Druzhinina from Ericsson discuss how ChatGPT can be used for learning.

Episode 10 – ChatGPT for Learning Experience Designers

Today we are discussing how ChatGPT can be used for learning experience design. We will:

  • cover 6 applications of ChatGPT in learning experience design
  • highlight 6 drawbacks
  • discuss one application in detail
  • and make some predictions about the future of ChatGPT

To do all that, we have invited two learning experience designers: Margarita Iashchina from Sigma Technology Information and Anastasiia Druzhinina from Ericsson.

The Information talk show revamps its format!

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