118100 Online AB chooses Sigma as a partner


118100 Online AB specializes in providing valuable and thorough information to their clients within very short time frame. The company’s mission is to convey the best information, which will fulfill clients’ needs and make them more successful. Therefore, 118100 Online AB requested Sigma Technology Solutions and Sigma Software to conduct a survey of their IT environment, focusing on the client’s system, processes, information, and organization. After thorough analysis, our experts have found an efficient setup with flexibility to different competences needed to increase the value of 118100’s solutions for their customers and stakeholders.

As a result, the company’s management decided to engage Sigma Technology Solutions and Sigma Software in the development of the system.

“We live in a world where the information value is very significant. The society sets down new standards for information providers – the information should be valuable, exhaustive and easy to find. That’s what is important for us and what we seek to achieve in our business,” says Peter Kusendahl, CEO at 118100 Online AB. “Sigma team has shown extensive technological know-how and dedication to work, we believe that our cooperation will be very productive.”

“The importance of information accessibility is growing and we understand how vital it is for businesses to provide their clients with it. We’re proud to contribute to the 118100 Online AB system improvement, making it even more helpful and friendly for the end-users,” says Niklas Malmros, President at Sigma Technology Solutions.

“Information is what we develop, use and need every day, it’s what makes people successful and helps them achieve their goals. We’re excited to have 118100 Online AB as our customer and are ambitious to deliver them great IT solutions,” says Valery Krasovsky, COO at Sigma Software.

Swedish version of the press release