Annelie Mannerström strengthens quality management at Sigma Technology Group

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Annelie Mannerström takes over the responsibility for quality management at Sigma Technology and will focus on quality, information security, and environmental compliance of the organization. The key goal is to achieve improved company’s processes, services, and culture.

Sigma Technology pays great attention to activities inside the organization to ensure that the services offered and the means to provide them are consistent, sustainable, and meet all the quality, information security, and environmental requirements. The company holds three certifications proving the high standards of the organization – ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 27001 (Information Security), and ISO 14001 (Environment). Furthermore, each year the company issues the CSR report, presenting sustainable work and insights.

Recently, Sigma Technology has announced Annelie Mannerström will take the role of quality manager and be responsible for keeping the company compliant with current ISO standards, including planning external and internal audits. She will also be responsible for the implementation of the new and revised version of the Management System. Annelie has been working at Sigma Technology for more than 4 years on assignments related to information security and is looking forward to her new role, “I worked with technical information, including developing e-learning courses for security awareness and management systems, for over ten years. I think my long experience in usability and information management will help me in this new position,” says Annelie.

Annelie Mannerström shares her thoughts about how Information Security influences the general business development strategy: “Without information security there is no business. A few years ago, Sigma was already ahead of the game when it came to information security, and now we see an increased demand for infosec from our customers which adds extra pressure but also good motivation to continue improving. I believe, with proper information security procedures in place and their ongoing enhancement, we will strengthen our position as a qualified superior supplier of IT and business services.”

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Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communication Officer at Sigma Technology Group, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com

Annelie Mannerström, Quality Manager at Sigma Technology, annelie.mannerstrom@sigmatechnology.com

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