Appeal Ukraine – Direct Support to The Ukrainian Nation


In the decisive moment for a state’s self-determination that has now arisen through Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine, We, as official representatives of Ukraine, have received many questions from Swedes about how they can contribute.

That’s why we open an opportunity to directly, without middle hands, donate to the Ukrainian state that will decide best how the money can be used. We both stand as guarantors to ensure that all donations sent to the Embassy’s account will be fully and as soon as possible used to purchase and distribute money to the following two goals:

  • Help all the hundreds of thousands of people who are now seeking shelter as refugees in neighboring countries.
  • Charitable assistance to Ukraine.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Stockholm allocates funds where they are needed most in Ukraine.

Carl Vikingsson is also a CEO at Sigma Technology Group with a subsidiary Sigma Software in Ukraine that has 2,000 IT consultants. We are open to donations from our colleagues in Sweden. The owner of Sigma Technology Group, Danir Group, has also responded to this appeal and donated USD 1 million.

We now urge other companies to show their direct support to Ukraine and donate to the needs of Ukraine. Private individuals can also donate, and every small contribution is very important.

By acting fast, we can make a difference where it is needed. The greatest effort, however, is being made by the Ukrainian people.

Find information on how you can donate at http://www.uppropukraina.se.

We would like to express our humble thanks in advance to everyone who in this way quickly contributes and in practical action shows solidarity with the vulnerable people of Ukraine who fight for their survival as a nation and for each country’s right for self-determination.

For Ukraine!

Andrii Plakhotniuk
Carl Vikingsson