Contributing to a Better Education in Southern Africa with the CESA project

CESA Project Sigma Technology

From left to right: Samuel Bengmark (CESA), Hanna Carlsson (CESA), Rebecca Finne (CESA), Nataly Duyko (Sigma Technology), Christian Björkman (Sigma Technology), and Simon Sundström (CESA)

This year, Sigma Technology has started cooperation with the Computer Education in Southern Africa (CESA) project. The purpose of the project is to provide a better education through donated computers and computer knowledge. CESA started in 2008 and has sent students and computers to southern Africa yearly since then. This is not the first time Sigma supports CESA’s vision. Back in 2007, Sigma was part of the pilot project, when Sigma employees went to South Africa and installed first computers in KwaZulu-Natal province schools.

Sigma Technology has been a partner of the Star for Life program for several years now. In terms of this program, we sponsor three African schools. During our visits to South Africa, we have seen how important it is to improve computer knowledge in schools. These skills are essential for students dreaming about higher education.

The CESA project

The CESA project is based on the cooperation of businesses willing to donate computer equipment and students willing to invest time, organizational effort, and knowledge. The project functions in three steps: first, the group selects a team of students who will go to South Africa and Namibia to install computers in schools, educate teachers and students. Secondly, CESA finds partners in Sweden that are willing to donate laptops or support the project financially. Finally, the students go to rural schools chosen by Star for Life to install the computers and educate personnel and students.

As CESA’s partner, Sigma Technology will donate laptops to the project.

Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology, says:

“We believe that sustainable future is built on innovation and development through education. That’s why the CESA project was so interesting for us. Our cooperation with Star for Life gave us a chance to meet new generations of the South African youth. They are all people with amazing dreams and plans. I hope that our support through Star for Life and CESA will help them get closer to realizing their dreams.”

Samuel Bengmark, Professor at Chalmers and founder of CESA adds:

“It is wonderful that Sigma Technology will collaborate with CESA to enrich the education for underprivileged children in rural South Africa. Employees at Sigma Technology that have taken good care of laptops can now enjoy the fact that their laptops will make a difference for the children in South Africa. The students will learn facts by searching in the installed offline version of Wikipedia, math by using mathematical software like Geogebra, and creative writing by using a word processor, and much more.”

Sustainability at Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology regularly takes part in activities that contribute to a sustainable future, by supporting innovation and development through education. We accomplish these tasks in close cooperation with universities by driving innovation, through exchange programs, and on a voluntary basis as teachers.

We open up doors for students and give them an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, promising industries, or simply to get a competitive skill in a certain area.

Read more about our sustainability projects at https://sigmatechnology.com/about/sustainability/

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