deWiz Chooses Sigma as a Technological Partner to Revolutionize The Golf Training Aid Market


deWiz is a new wearable technology that accelerates learning by removing the guesswork around improving a user’s golf swing. deWiz’s patented technology delivers swing analysis through high-precision data and 3-D analysis captured via the lightweight wristband, as well as instantaneous feedback that helps modify swing mechanics to improve consistency. The real-time feedback from deWiz’s Learning Stimuli allows the brain to quickly rescript the motor learning of a golf swing, reinforcing good habits and identifying where and when a swing goes astray. Being a differentiator and innovator, deWiz has daring plans to revolutionize the golf training market as a unique wearable technology that serves as both a swing modifier and analyzer.

“deWiz is taking the next steps in our journey, and after a small-batch launch of our product to 100 early adopters this spring, we are preparing for our international launch this summer. We know that Sigma will continue to accelerate the development of our product and optimize it so that we can better serve our customers by helping them Swing, Feel and Improve Faster,” says Markus Westerberg, CTO at deWiz Golf.

The scope of this partnership between Sigma and deWiz will be the further development of hardware and software for smart wearables. After the summer launch, the Sigma team will also support deWiz in R&D activities to help improve the product and optimize the service stability and data accuracy.

Toni Risteski, President at Sigma Technology Software Solutions, comments: “We are honored to become a technological partner with deWiz and together deliver a product that is expected to shock the market. Today’s golfers will have the opportunity to achieve even greater results within a shorter period of time thanks to “data-driven” practice sessions with this device, which is as small as a regular watch.” Toni also comments on the details of the partnership: “We have solid experience in software and mobile development for consumers and enterprises. To leverage our capability to innovate, create, and develop smart wearables, we have partnered up with Sigma Connectivity design house.”

“We have already started to work with Sigma on a variety of new features that will elevate the deWiz experience for our users. Once launched, this development work will continue to fuel our momentum after closing out our Series-A investment round in May of more than 5 million USD to support our current go-to-market strategy and scaling up of personnel,” said Christian Bergh, CEO and co-founder of deWiz.

For more information, please, contact Toni Risteski, President at Sigma Technology Software Solutions, toni.risteski@sigmatechnology.com, +46 706 184 503. Or David Schaefer, Chief Communications Officer, deWiz, David@dewizgolf.com, +46 702 877 637

About Sigma Technology

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Sigma is owned by Danir AB and has about 3,600 employees and a network of partners in nine countries.

About deWiz

The deWiz golf training platform has been developed by former European Tour pro, PGA of Sweden certified instructor and motor learning author, Markus Westerberg, and entrepreneur and technology business leader Christian Berg. As a Swedish developed and produced product, deWiz is focused on its mission to help golfers around the world elevate their enjoyment of the game through innovative technology that accelerates the pace of learning. deWiz’s revolutionary wearable technology delivers groundbreaking instantaneous feedback that is based on a scientific approach of breaking cycles within motor learning and propelling golfers to improve faster.