Digitalizing High-Class Food Delivery for Matkomfort

Henrik Matkomfort

Henrik Isaksson, chef and founder of Matkomfort. Source: matkomfort.se

“Everyone should be able to eat high-quality meals at home without having to spend hours in the kitchen,” was Henrik Isaksson’s motivation to start Matkomfort back in 2005. He was one of the first chefs to talk about a zero-waste concept and hassle-free home food delivery. Our cooperation with Henrik started in 2010 when we got a chance to help Matkomfort to digitalize the way they drive their business.

Every week, Matkomfort delivers high-quality pre-cooked meal boxes to its customers in Stockholm. Each food delivery is custom picked for each client to optimize resource consumption and minimize food waste. All customers receive their pre-cooked meals at a specific time. The time is determined on the basis of all orders in order to optimize transport logistics and the delivery route and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

I want to give our customers great food experience at home. Each food delivery follows a menu prepared by professional chefs, who use local food ingredients and tailor each order to the customer’s needs to avoid food waste. At a time when eating out and shopping for groceries has become more difficult, these delivery boxes make staying at home convenient for our Stockholm clients,” Henrik says.

When Henrik’s team reached out to Sigma Technology Solutions, they faced the challenge of digitalizing their business operations. Henrik adds:

“When we started, we first used Excel documents to keep track of our customers, orders, and deliveries. As we were growing and getting new team members on board, we wanted to have better availability, transparency, and automation in our processes. Sigma Technology Solutions team helped us to do that.”

Mikael Kjellsson has supported Matkomfort for the last 10 years. During the pilot, he got the first ERP system up and running in just three weeks. The back-end solution he developed helps Matkomfort automate customer and food delivery management, administrate purchase and logistics, track customer loyalty and activity. It is integrated with the range of other solutions, including the company’s website, payment and invoice systems, customer support.

We aimed to make administration and management easy and convenient for Matkomfort. Henrik and his team are very innovative, they come with many new ideas that we discuss together and later integrate with our back-end solution,” Mikael says.

Mikael has weekly meetings with the team at Matkomfort and feels that he is an integral part of the team, even though his home office is Växjö, and Matkomfort operates in Stockholm.

We have been using virtual meetings from the very start, and I must say it worked very well. We have transparent and trustful relations.

During recent weeks, Matkomfort has seen an increase in the need for food deliveries, which requires an increased capacity from the team and from the system.

We had to act fast and adjust the system, making it easy and convenient for Matkomfort customers to add extra deliveries and customize their orders,” Mikael adds.

“We are proud to have Matkomfort as a customer and support them with their mission of making high-quality food available to Swedish households. Henrik’s dedication to sustainability goes hand in hand with Sigma’s vision of a better tomorrow,” says Daniel Björkman, Vice President at Sigma Technology Solutions. He continues, “We have several cooperation models with our customers, adjusting to their needs. We can offer consultants onsite or offsite, provide a turnkey solution inhouse, or offer remote delivery from Ukraine when our clients need to scale up fast.”

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