Discover the Power of Social Ambassadorship with Sigma Technology: Join WiTech’s Breakfast Seminar in Växjö on February 28


Elevate your morning with an inspiring discussion on social ambassadorship and youth empowerment at WiTech’s breakfast seminar, hosted at Sigma Technology in Växjö on February 28th. Join us as we delve into the transformative journey of Hanna Ingesson, Sigma’s Star for Life ambassador, who has engaged with three schools in South Africa, gaining profound insights into life’s contrasts across the globe. Together, we’ll explore the power of social responsibility through actionable steps, navigate cultural differences, and discover how even small initiatives can catalyze meaningful change.

WiTech stands as a non-profit, independent organization dedicated to fostering connections between students and companies, with the overarching mission of amplifying female role models and igniting the passion for IT careers among the younger generation. Currently, the network gathers representatives from over 30 diverse companies and public organizations in Växjö and Kalmar.

Since WiTech’s inception in 2017, Sigma Technology has proudly stood as the network’s steadfast partner.

We find WiTech’s collaborative approach, bringing together companies, academia, and students, truly exceptional and deserving of promotion. According to the latest report from TechSverige, the Swedish IT industry needs to grow by an impressive 10,000 people annually in order to stay competitive. It’s clear that we must inspire more young individuals to pursue careers in information and technology. WiTech plays a pivotal role in this endeavor by showcasing the vast array of opportunities within the industry and encouraging youth to explore their potential. It’s initiatives like WiTech that pave the way for a brighter future in the tech sector,” says Amelie Olsen, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions, and board member at WiTech.

As the topic for our event, we have selected social responsibility and ambassadorship. With our talk we aim to show that change can be made with small steps and how powerful humane cooperation can be. Hanna will share firsthand examples of how her experiences in South Africa have served as inspiration for local fundraisers and initiatives in Växjö,” adds Amelie.

Star for Life is an organization and school program that promotes students’ self-esteem and health by providing tools to help them informed life choices. Star for Life was created in 2005 by Christin and Dan Olofsson, owner of Sigma Group, and today involves more than 100 000 young people and their families in South Africa Namibia, and Tanzania. Since 2015, Sigma Technology has been steadfast in its support for Star for Life, fostering the implementation of motivational and health programs in three schools in South Africa: Mmemezi High School, Nibela Primary School, and Nompondo Primary School. This collaborative effort is driven by passionate Sigma Technology employees who serve as Star for Life Ambassadors, selected to uphold this vital initiative on a two-year basis.

The registration is open at https://witech.nu/event/discov

When: February 28, 7:00-9:30

Where: Sigma Technology office, ICON, Storgatan 82 A, 352 46, Växjö.

For more information contact:

Amelie Olsen, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions and WiTech board member, amelie.olsen@sigmatechnology.com.

About WiTech IT & Tech Network

• WiTech wants to create a meeting platform and a networking for both students and companies with the aim of raising female role models and inspiring the younger generation to invest in a career in IT.

• Started in 2017 in Växjö. The network received support from the business community and academia. At present, WiTech has over 250 members representing more than 30 companies in Kronoberg and Kalmar.

• WiTech is a non-profit and independent association and is run by a board that brings together representatives from both business and academia. Chairwoman of the Board is Hana Ademaj, Softhouse.

Read more at witech.nu.

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