Empowering Young Girls to Choose Technology for Their Future Career

Skool Sigma Technology

As a part of our social responsibility commitment, Sigma Technology Hungary started a partnership with Skool, a flagship project of the Technology in Education Foundation. The initiative aims to empower, inspire, and help young girls to take a leap of faith in a technical career.

Skool is a non-profit initiative that provides free technology training for 8-18-year-old girls. Skool’s mission is “…to make a positive and lasting impact on the Hungarian society. We are building a community, which supports the professional career and success of girls in the world of technology while assisting in reaching gender equality and balance in this sector.” This is a mission that we, at Sigma Technology, find very easy to identify with and follow.

Companies can join this program by signing a partnership contract with Skool that involves providing financial support and facilities for education. The companies in the partnership can host workshops and help by volunteering to be mentors in the program, on any venue. The workshops take place at weekends – Skool provides the hardware infrastructure and the companies provide the space and assistance.

Girls can plunge right away into technology! The workshops are held for different age groups between 10 and 16 years and aim to teach basic programming. A trainer and mentors assist them through a 1-day workshop. At the end of the day, kids can make their parents play the games they programmed themselves. They can also get an insight into what a day looks like in the tech industry.

In June, Sigma started to work with Skool by participating in their Minecraft Summer Camp, where Adrienn Zemancsik, Recruitment Manager, presented our company to a group of 14-15 girls at the age of 11 years, who were all very open and eager to find out about Sigma Technology and the life of people working here. The questions raised included both everyday life at the company (what furniture and drinks are available in the office), education and training, and many more.

The workshop season will start in September 2018. We are looking forward to holding the first Skool workshop at Sigma Technology, where we can hopefully show our mentoring capabilities as well. We also plan to provide trainers for this program at a later stage.

Read more about Skool at skool.org.hu.

For more information, contact hungary@sigmatechnology.com.