First Female Network Forum takes place in Gothenburg

Jessica Mitrosbaras Nataly Duyko Female Network Forum Sigma Technology

Female Network Forum will take place in Gothenburg on February 27th. The event aims to create a platform for inspiration and knowledge sharing and bring to light female IT and technology networks. Female Network Forum was fully booked in less than a week, and the waiting list keeps growing.

“There are several fantastic initiatives to attract more girls and women to the technology industry today. These initiatives are driven by companies, organizations, and private individuals. However, there is no common platform in Gothenburg where all these networks and activities can be presented. Our ambition is to make Female Network Forum such a meeting place. This is a chance for women to grow their network and an opportunity for various organizations to reach out to bigger audience presenting their purpose and vision,says Jessica Mitrosbaras, Recruitment & Culture Manager at Sigma Technology Solutions and one of Female Network Forum organizers.

Four female IT networks will participate in this first edition of Female Network Forum: Women in IT, WiTech, Sigma Smart Women Society, and Pink Programming.

The role of inspirational speakers at the event will be played by top managers of the life science company 1928 Diagnostics: Susanne Staaf and Kristina Lagerstedt. They have founded the company to solve the problem of antibiotic resistance and achieved significant success. The company features in 33-Listan by Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden and is one of Technology Pioneer Companies by World Economic Forum.

“We started 1928 Diagnostics with a vision to tackle a big problem by means of new technology. To succeed, we needed cooperation, support, and inspiration from other people, actors, and organizations. That’s why we believe that initiatives like Female Network Forum are very important and relevant. We are very much for gender equality in the industry, and we are looking forward to meeting all of you coming to the event,” share Susanne and Kristina.

The technology industry has had stable and rapid development during the last decade. A deficit in the order of 70,000 people with IT competencies is feared in Sweden by 2022. At the same time, according to the latest survey from Swedish IT and Telecom Industries (2017), the proportion of women in the technology industry is 29%.

To be able to solve the skills shortage and present both female and male perspectives in the industry, several companies and organizations have invested in making the IT industry more attractive to women.

”We see great potential and strength in creating a common platform for female networks in the Gothenburg area. It will give women a better opportunity to stay informed on what is happening in the industry, what initiatives are available, get inspired, and make new contacts. We have spotted a great interest in this event, which means that there is a need for it. We have now received over 200 registrations and we had to set up a waiting list,” says Nataly Duyko, co-organizer of Female Network Forum and PR Manager at Sigma Technology.

The registration (waiting list) for Female Network Forum

For more information, please contact: Nataly Duyko, PR and Communication Manager at Sigma Technology at +46 725 194 048, nataly.duyko@sigmatechnology.com