Jens Svantesson expands superior Software development offer for large enterprises in Skåne

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For Sigma Technology Group, the Skåne region is one of the strategic expansion regions. In particular, four companies within the Group cover large enterprises’ high demand for digitalization and product information solutions. In the region, the company cooperates mostly with automotive brands, larger retailers, organizations from the public sector, and manufacturing companies.

Sigma Technology Software Solutions is one of the companies within Sigma Technology Group that fully operates in Skåne (Lund, Malmö, and Helsingborg). The company provides digitalization and software development services for customers of different sizes from startups, SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises. Toni Risteski, President at Sigma Technology Software Solutions, says: “Skåne is one of the most desired regions for technological companies due to its excellent location next to Germany and Denmark, highly skilled experts and research institutions. When we started establishing, one of our goals was to settle in Helsingborg and grow there significantly.”

Jens Svantesson has a solid background in IT, counting over 15 years. During this time, he had various roles including program & consulting manager and HR-related roles. Now Jens is a unit manager at Sigma Technology Software Solutions who is responsible for the strategic growth in Helsingborg. “Only in a year, we managed to establish a firm partnership with large enterprises from consumer goods, telecom, automotive, industrial, and manufacturing industries, to name a few. We are focused on providing dedicated teams and individuals to our customers who support them with developing full-cycle software solutions,” says Jens and continues: “the significant factor of our success here is our employees who go above and beyond in order to solve our customers’ challenges every day.”

Within the growth strategy for 2022, Jens plans to hire up to 10 new front-end/back-end developers in Helsingborg: “I see Helsingborg as a field of talent gems that would perfectly match our amazing diverse team. I find it very rewarding to meet so many candidates who share our passion for working in the ever-evolving IT industry and finding extraordinary solutions.”

Want to work in a company with rapid growth and contribute to building it, with a lot of fun on the way? Please contact Jens Svantesson at jens.svantesson@sigmatechnology.com.

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Jens Svantesson, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Software Solutions, jens.svantesson@sigmatechnology.com

Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communication Officer at Sigma Technology Group, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com

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