Jessica Mitrosbaras Becomes a New Unit Manager at Sigma Technology

Jessica Mitrosbaras

Jessica Mitrosbaras joins Sigma Technology Solutions management team in Gothenburg. At this position, she will continue her active work in improving our company culture and finding talents who make technology usable.

Jessica Mitrosbaras entered the role of unit manager at Sigma Technology Solutions in March 2019. She has previously worked with recruitment and culture at Sigma Technology Solutions and played an important role in the big team growth in Gothenburg. Joining the management team, Jessica brings her passion for finding the best talents and building a family atmosphere in the company. She has taken the responsibility for further development of the unit in Gothenburg and will continue working on strengthening the team.

At the end of the year 2018, Sigma Technology Solutions united 80 bright minds working with software design, information management, and digital services in data analytics and IoT. The company’s offices are located in Gothenburg, Växjö, and Lund.

“I am looking for talents and clients who share my passion for people. My focus will be to strengthen the team and make sure that our culture is welcoming and transparent. I started this new role by meeting all my new team members and will now work on helping them develop professionally and personally,” says Jessica.

Jessica is also a co-founder of Female Network Forum, a unique platform for inspiration and knowledge sharing, where different female IT and technology networks and initiatives are in focus.

“We are happy to have people like Jessica who are so inspired about moving the company and people who work in it forward. Sigma Technology Solutions is a place, where people are encouraged to develop professionally, and Jessica is a great person to convey this message,” said Niklas Malmros, CEO at Sigma Technology Solutions.

Curious to find out how it feels to work with people like Jessica?

If you are looking for a role in software development, project management, or information design, contact Jessica at jessica.mitrosbaras@sigmatechnology.com.