Kvix chooses Sigma Technology in Umeå as a development partner

Kvix Vlora Patric

Kvix is a company within FitTech that offers wellness through live-streamed classes, from yoga to strength, breathing exercises, and mindfulness. Kvix has now started to develop its platform further, which shall be launched before the end of this year’s second quarter. Kvix has chosen Sigma Technology North Solutions as its development partner. Sigma Technology North Solutions was established in Umeå at the beginning of 2023.

Sigma Technology North Solutions, led by Vlora Ramadani, is a part of the Sigma Technology Group, a privately owned global technology consulting company. Sigma Technology Group operates in Sweden, Hungary, Norway, Germany, China, and Ukraine, and has global deliveries to Europe, North America, and Asia. The company has competencies and capacity within software development, product information, embedded systems, digital solutions, and IT infrastructure. The company offers excellence in expert consulting, offshore delivery, and development teams.

“It is very exciting to support Kvix on their journey to further develop their platform for innovators globally. Kvix will aim for the US and the Great Britain markets, which might be new to us in Umeå, though this is something that we have been working with in other parts of Sigma Technology Group, where we co-operate with leading AdTech and start-up companies in North America. Having a local partner with a global presence makes us a suitable supplier for Kvix. Through our flexible delivery model, we can offer consultants onsite here in Umeå but also quickly ramp up the team with remote competence from other parts of Sweden or Europe,” says Vlora Ramadani, President at Sigma Technology North Solutions.

“Kvix is doing further development of our platform which will give creators the opportunity to set prices on their own and decide how they share content with their followers. We have made interviews with users and creators that use Kvix today. Based on that feedback, we have decided to develop the product in new directions that will differ from how the current product works. The platform will initially be available in English since it will be launched in the US and Great Britain. We chose Sigma Technology because it’s a local actor with great experience in the business and has a broad competence within the company,” says Patrik Knutsson, new CEO at Kvix.


For more information, please contact:

Vlora Ramadani, VD at Sigma Technology North Solutions, vlora.ramadani@sigmatechnology.com

Patrik Knutsson, VD at Kvix AB, patrik@kvix.tv


About Kvix

Kvix is a company within FitTech that offers wellness through live-streamed classes. Members can join classes and lectures live-streamed from our inspirers throughout the country, many of them are known business profiles, lectures, and influencers. For participants, little or no equipment at all is needed, and everyone shall be able to participate no matter what experience they have before or what access they have to equipment. The only thing you need is a screen and wi-fi connection if you want to develop your wellness, or if you are an inspirer that wants to stream wellness and exercise your passion.

For more information, visit kvix.tv.