Meet Sigma Technology Origo, a New Company to Revolutionize the Content Management Market


Back in 2009, Sigma Technology developed its own DocFactory platform, originally as an advanced Content Management System (CMS). The fundamental goal was to deliver a top-of-the-line component CMS available across different devices and platforms to support customers with the right information whenever and wherever they need it. DocFactory CMS has already won trust and confidence among world-known brands, among which Lynk & Co, Suunto, OnRobot, Essity, and many others.

As a great example of a breakthrough in the corresponding area, Sigma’s team has supported Lynk & Co in providing a total experience for the user guide to be released together with the car’s launch on the European market. Another remarkable example is the cooperation with OnRobot – a leading provider of collaborative applications and automation solutions. A team provided the documentation management system, helping users find the right information, which is only one click away.

Following the ever-growing need for digitalization and availability, the DocFactory team will form a separate Sigma Technology Origo company. The main idea behind a new company lies in amplifying the focus on customer needs and delivering more value to businesses of any size – from startups, SMBs, to enterprises. The company’s name comes from Latin origo, meaning “origin,” which fully reflects the perception of what the system can deliver – a single source of truth for all data and technical information across the organization. Sigma Technology Origo has already announced a launch of the SSOT platform – ORIGO Aftermaster targeted to organizations aiming to move towards Industry 4.0 and Predictive Maintenance solving several problems, which enterprises always meet when it comes to information management.

“Over the past few years, a trend on improving customer experience and strengthening the product value has dramatically increased. The COVID-19 outbreak intensified the fashion on digitalization, forcing companies to invest more than ever in the improvement of the customer experience and digital platforms they use at the core. Thus, platforms able to manage and process a volume of data and integrate with other already existing systems without impact on the existing legacy are the common denominator nowadays. That’s why we decided to launch a separate company, Sigma Technology Origo, to scale smart information management and create a solution resolving any arising issue in the corresponding area,” states Johnny Fägersten, CEO at Sigma Technology Origo.

For more information, please, contact Johnny Fägersten, CEO at Sigma Technology Origo, johnny.fagersten@sigmatechnology.com, +46 70 280 60 19.

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About Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology Group, part of the Sigma Group, is a privately-owned global technology consulting company with operations in Sweden, Hungary, China, Norway, and Ukraine, and global delivery to Europe, the USA, and China. Sigma Technology Group offers cutting-edge expertise in software development, product information, embedded systems design & development, and digital solutions with expert consultants, offshore delivery, and development teams.

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Sigma is owned by Danir AB and has about 3,600 employees and a network of partners in nine countries.