OnRobot chooses Sigma Technology for flexible and scalable content management

Vilmos Beskid OnRobot Sigma Technology

Vilmos Beskid, CTO at OnRobot. Photo credit: OnRobot.

OnRobot is a leading provider of collaborative applications and automation solutions. Their vision is to be a One Stop Shop for collaborative applications and provide products that are easy to use and integrated. With continuously expanding documentation, they were looking for a scalable and flexible solution to gather all the product information in one source. That’s how our cooperation began. “The documentation system we implemented with Sigma Technology is scalable, highly available, and generates customized guides on the spot,” shares Vilmos Beskid, CTO at OnRobot, in an exclusive interview.

Vilmos Beskid is a CTO at OnRobot and is responsible for product development, strategy, and technology development. He works with the organization’s international team in Denmark, Hungary, and the United States.

“We want to lower the threshold for choosing automation. Today, about 30% of production is performed in smaller companies. By developing intuitive products with easy-to-install software, we can encourage over 1 million companies to go into automation. This is a huge opportunity,” shares Vilmos.

OnRobot is committed to quality and delivering value to their clients. All their devices are compatible with previous releases and are well-integrated. Following industry development, OnRobot releases a new tool or update each month. Frequent product releases mean that documentation is continuously expanding.

“We wanted to have a more sustainable and scalable solution for our product information. Our new documentation system needed to reflect our commitment to bring value to our customers. We wanted to deliver exactly the information our clients were looking for, while having the opportunity to update documentation for every new and existing tool, translate it, and distribute globally easily,” continues Vilmos.

Cooperation with Sigma: customer-focused and adaptable

At first, Vilmos and his team decided to try several available solutions for document management. However, they couldn’t find a system that was flexible enough to suit their needs. That’s when they started looking for a consulting partner to develop OnRobot’s documentation system. After a thorough selection, Sigma Technology became their choice:

“Sigma Technology ticked all our boxes – you could deliver a flexible, easy-customizable solution that is highly-available and helps us have great quality at a reasonable price.

We appreciated how customer-oriented and adaptable the Sigma Technology team was. As we were developing a complex solution, we had tech challenges that the Sigma team could discuss and find potential solutions. We always felt the continuous customer focus and trusted that we could solve all eventual problems, creating value on both sides.”

The documentation system is now live on OnRobot’s website. Vilmos believes that apart from delivering a great product experience to their customers, they will also learn from the system:

“The information from the manuals downloads will provide us with insights on what information our clients are looking for, helping us improve our products in the future. We believe that this release has been a success, and we thank the Sigma Technology team for the support in making this happen.”


Vilmos Beskid and Sigma Technology Hungary team that worked on the OnRobot project. Photo: Tamás Kovacs.

Content Management System on the spot

The documentation system for OnRobot is based on Sigma Technology’s component content management system, DocFactory.

“Our goal was to deliver a dynamic solution that would create user manuals on the spot based on the user’s specifications. We had to count for up to ten-thousand different manuals that needed to be re-rendered and available to OnRobot’s customers,” adds Johnny Fägersten, Business Manager for DocFactory at Sigma Technology.

DocFactory renders customized manuals based on product filtering that is unique for each user. When the same filtering is applied again, the system delivers a pre-rendered version, saving time and cost for OnRobot. The system is scalable and flexible, expanding dynamically as new information enters the system. With the help of a straightforward API, the system can be easily integrated with the client’s web solution.

“We are very proud of the solution we delivered in cooperation with OnRobot. Using the DocFactory system, OnRobot customers can generate manuals in 22 different languages, available in 160 countries worldwide. I am very happy that our technical writers will continue to work with document updates and at the same time make proposals to further expand the user experience for OnRobot products,” concludes Gabriella Alexi, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Hungary.

For more information, please contact:

Johnny Fägersten, Business Manager DocFactory, Sigma Technology johnny.fagersten@sigmatechnology.com.

Gabriella Alexi, Unit Manager, Sigma Technology Hungary, Gabriella.alexi@sigmatechnology.com

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