Sigma Acquires Green Light AB


Johan Edlund, CEO at Sigma Technology Information AB. Photo: Sigma Technology.

“Our objective is to continue improving the quality, create more efficient processes for our customers, and develop our new staff,” says Johan Edlund, CEO at Sigma Technology Information AB.

Johan continues: “We have met the customers and the personnel, and we all have a very positive picture of further cooperation. Now the real work begins showing what Sigma Technology can actually do. We are a global supplier of product information and take pride in constantly improving our deliveries to our clients.”

“After having worked for many years in the business, we came to a point where it was time for us to sell the company and move on with our lives. The journey with Green Light has been amazing during all 18 years,” says Lennart Darås, owner of Green Light AB.

Lennart continues:

“We have offered all staff to come over to Sigma Technology and through that ensure competence to our existing customers and secure the future for our staff. The acquisition has received positive response from both our clients and the personnel. We know that Sigma Technology will succeed in driving the company forward in a successful manner.”

The contract takes effect from September 1, 2016. Sigma Technology is already planning to hire additional people.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Edlund, CEO at Sigma Technology Information AB
Mobile phone: +46 761 18 15 69; email: johan.edlund@sigmatechnology.com www.sigmatechnology.com

Lennart Darås, Owner of Green Light AB
Mobile phone: +46 70 52 10 14; email: lennart.daras@greenlightab.se