Sigma Helps Companies Prepare for New Personal Data Protection Regulation

GDPR 2018 1

After a two-year transition period, the new regulation to govern data protection comes into effect. It will harden and unify data protection for natural persons at the territory of the European Union and will also apply to organizations based outside the EU in case they deal with personal data of EU residents. The sanctions for breach of the new data protection rules became stricter and revenue based for enterprises. Their amount can reach up to 20,000,000 euro or 4% of the annual worldwide turnover.

Companies processing and storing personal data have just about one year left to bring their processes, software, and environment into compliance with the GDPR. Sigma Technology and Sigma Software have combined their resources to offer informal audit and training sessions to assist such companies in identifying issues and finding ways for their elimination.

An informal audit conducted by Sigma allows companies to ascertain the areas that might be affected by new regulation, while training sessions teach customer employees to understand the new regulation and act accordingly.

Identifying problem areas is not all we can do. GDPR-related services provided by Sigma also include elaborating recommendations on how organization processes, software, and environment should be changed to be compliant with the new procedure. Moreover, our compliance engineers create checklists, so customer organization can perform self-assessment later on.

Niklas Malmros, President of Sigma Technology Solutions, says:

“Changing regulations and procedures can present difficulties for companies, especially in such highly regulated sectors as healthcare, insurance, finance, and banking. We are committed to facilitating business procedures for our customers, and we do everything in our hands to contribute to their seamless activity and regulation compliance.”

“GDPR will affect all companies that deal with personal data and especially those, which send it outside the European Union. We take the questions of information and data security seriously, therefore, decided to make an investment in a thorough investigation of the new policy. If a company works with the outsourcing of IT products and solutions, compliance with GDPR becomes even more vital,” adds Olesya Khokhoulia, Deputy CEO of Sigma Software.

For more information, please, contact Niklas Malmros, niklas.malmros@sigmatechnology.com.