Sigma Sponsors Chalmers Solar Team in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019

Chalmers Solar Team Car

Sigma Group becomes a gold sponsor of Chalmers Solar Team that competes in the biggest solar-powered car competition of the world, Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, taking place in Australia in October 2019.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge gathers creative innovators from the best tech universities in the world united by a single challenge – develop a car driven solely by solar energy. The car needs then to cover a distance of 3,000 km in Australia, north to south, coast to coast, Darwin to Adelaide.

This is the first year that Chalmers University of Technology takes part in the competition, and Sigma Group is proud to be its gold sponsor. A team of 17 students specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering has built a car that can cover the distance relying only on the power of the sun. They divided the work into five groups – mechanics, aerodynamics, programming, electro, and logistics – covering the whole production line of the car.

“It feels fantastic that we have made it all the way here. Apart from the technical development, we have learned tons about project management and collaboration in teams. Our challenge was to build a car with efficient construction, enough access to the solar energy, and great air resistance,” says Olle Andersson, Chalmers Solar Team Manager.

The team has been in Australia for several weeks now. They have assembled the car, passed the inspection, and are now making final preparations. The competition starts on October 13, and the team has to reach the finish line by October 20.

“It will be great to finish the race as soon as possible. But this is our first time in this competition. There are cases when participants don’t make it to the finish, so we will do our best to reach the finish line before the time is over,” says Olle.

“We are proud to be a gold sponsor and participate in this project that covers many of our technical expertise areas at Sigma. We got trusted to certify the car before the competition, which involved many of our colleagues,” says Magnus Liljeqvist, Marketing and Communications Manager at Sigma Industry.

For more information, visit https://www.chalmerssolarteam.com/

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