Sigma Technology Cloud evolves sustainability-first mindset for young talents

young talent team 2022

Sigma Technology Cloud has established a Young Talent program, an in-house internship for students, allowing them to do their thesis work within IT and explore upcoming work life. The program is one of the few on the market that focuses on sustainable technology development and establishing a proper mindset for future co-workers in this context.

Sigma Technology Group’s philosophy is Expect a Better Tomorrow, which uncovers the responsibility to be a force to make an impact that matters for employees, customers, and the world around us. Sigma Technology contributes to sustainable development by driving innovation and education with the focus areas on community development, gender equality, diversity, responsible consumption, and business ethics, fulfilling five UN Sustainable Goals: #4, 5, 8, 10, and 12.

Following the overall Group’s vision, Sigma Technology Cloud took the initiative to launch an in-house program called Young Talent, a program for students that are looking for an internship or a company to do their thesis work within IT technology. Emmy Vartiainen, the consultant at Sigma Technology Cloud, is responsible for evolving the Young Talent program.

We know how hard it can be for students to get their first internship opportunities. We wanted to help by building a platform with great projects and ideas for them to work with. Our goal is to give students a chance to explore their upcoming work life and obtain a good foundation to stand on. By introducing them to real-life scenarios that come with being an IT consultant and having experts that help them gain more technical skills, we do believe that this will help them build important relationships and become more prepared for the future. Our ambition is to continue developing this program in Stockholm and other sites and recruit 10 students per year,” comments Emmy.

Young Talent by Sigma Technology Cloud is focused on educating and instilling a sustainability-oriented mindset for future co-workers. Jonathan Rengius, Cloud Architect and driver of Sustainability impact at Sigma Technology Cloud, says: “The background of the new sustainability approach of Young Talent is to show and teach students to work and think sustainable-wise to achieve a better tomorrow for everyone. We think that if we include students in this way of thinking before they start their career, we help them see how we believe people in this business should work and contribute to achieving the SDG goals.”

I know that no company alone can solve all the problems we face, but I strongly believe that if everyone does their part in working towards achieving the SDG goals, we can together make a better tomorrow,” adds Jonathan.

Jesper Friberg Spång, participant of the Young Talent 2021 and now a developer at Sigma Technology Cloud, shares his feedback on the program: “The Young talent program was the springboard for me to become a software developer and a consultant. During the program, I learned the basics of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which gave us a toolbox for a more efficient way of working on our project. One of the most amazing things during this program was the possibility to get guidance and help from our mentors and anyone else in the company.

If you are a student that has an internship as part of your education, or you are about to write your thesis and you are willing to join the Young Talent program, send your application to Emmy.Vartiainen@sigmatechnology.com


For more information, contact

Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communication Officer at Sigma Technology Group, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com

Emmy Vartiainen, Consultant at Sigma Technology Cloud, Emmy.Vartiainen@sigmatechnology.com


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