Sigma Technology delivers best quality services according to customer survey


Sigma Technology’s mission is to continuously strive for success. Following this statement and in order to maintain focus on customers, Sigma Technology carries out a regular customer survey among its clients. The questions aim to investigate what customers consider significant in cooperation with Sigma Technology, and how well the company meets and fulfills their expectations. The results are discussed at management meetings to form the basis for both the improvement of work within Sigma Technology and for establishing the company’s quality goals.

This year over 200 customers participated in the survey. Since the start-up in 2004, there has been a positive trend in all areas of research. The main improvements were gained in the areas of product competence, innovations, communications, responsibility, quality, transparency and in meeting customer requirements.

Among all the clients interviewed, 87% of the respondents think that Sigma Technology services add value to their businesses and are satisfied with the quality of the services provided. 86% of clients express the wish to continue working with Sigma Technology and are ready to recommend it to other companies.

“Quality is something very fundamental and extremely important at Sigma Technology and we always aim at improving it. We have got impressive results this year, best results ever actually. Certainly, it is not a reason to stop what we have already achieved. We carefully analyze customers’ feedback and build a strategy aimed at improving the weak sides of our working process and strengthening strong ones,” shares Per Bjällmark, Quality Manager at Sigma Technology.

“We are continually improving the quality of services, asking ourselves what value we are creating for the customer. The surveys we conduct give us a better understanding of the points to improve and real client’s needs. We are aware of what clients expect from us and this yields favorable results,” says Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Group.