Sigma Technology establishes new offices in Mälardalen

Sigma Technology believes in the Swedish industry. Through new establishments during the last year the company continues its investments in software and embedded systems development to meet customers` demand in Stockholm and Stockholm-Mälardalen region.

“Being part of Sigma Group, we offer top-tier solutions to our customers in Stockholm and Mälardalen. Our ambition is to become the region’s best consulting company in the area of software and embedded systems development. We expand this work by opening new offices in Södertälje and Västerås,” says Amer Hadsvik, President of Sigma Technology Development Stockholm AB.

In Södertälje the company will share offices with Sigma Industry and in Västerås with Sigma IT & Management. The joint work will allow us to meet customers’ increasingly complex requests in the areas of onsite consulting and managed services.

“We are confident that local and regional presence, combined with global strength makes us strong. Working closely with our clients regionally we also have the strength to support our customers globally, either through our existing offices where the customer is located, or by establishing entirely new locations where the customer has a need for complex solutions. Today, we have close to 20 offices worldwide.  We’re also supporting our customers’ distributed R&D centers in more than 30 additional sites,” says Carl Vikingsson, CEO of Sigma Technology Group.

The work with recruitment of the best consultants in Stockholm and Mäladalen is underway and the company expects to hire 30 consultants before the end of this year.

For more information contact:

Carl Vikingsson
CEO, Sigma Technology Group AB

+46 31-779 4700

Amer Hadsvik
President, Sigma Technology Development Stockholm AB
+46 70 565 36 28 amer.hadsvik@sigmatechnology.com