Sigma Technology Group extends its Partner Network with the work on your terms concept

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Sigma Technology Partner Network launches a new Work on Your Terms concept that gives all partners flexibility and exclusive access to short- and long-term assignments, events, and activities. The Partner Network today has over 400 active members and 2,000 followers in Sweden and abroad.

Sigma Technology launched its Partner Network as a meeting point for doers, innovators, and creators in early 2017. This year the company increases the number of active partners and attracts both tech leaders and experts to workf within product development and digitalization in the R&D center and at the customer sites. There is a high focus on partnering up with experts in electrification, functional safety, and cybersecurity.

Martin Karlsson, Vice President at Sigma Technology Embedded Solutions, is also the head of Partner Network. He and Sofia Petersson, Head of People & Culture and Partner Manager at Sigma Technology Embedded Solutions drive and develop the Network together.

The new reality that was established after the COVID-19 outbreak showed how needs and requirements to work changed. Flexible work conditions, exciting assignments, and access to the knowledge base became decisive points. Sigma Technology adapted fast to the situation, and at the end of 2020, we went out stronger together than ever before. We went from having our interviews and business meetings locally to having the whole recruitment and sales process online. The situation made it possible to recruit candidates and partners from all over Sweden and abroad, creating new innovative solutions for our customers,” says Martin.

The Partner Network has grown considerably and now supports various industries such as IT & FinTech, Automotive, Consumer, Retail, Defense, Manufacturing, MedTech, and Product Information. The Network offers flexible business models to match customers’ needs and requirements: in-house projects at its own R&D centers or dedicated team delivery, along with profound expertise in electrification, functional safety, cybersecurity, and others. A new concept of “work on your own terms” will help match partners with assignments of their dreams without compromising their needs and expectations.

Sofia comments: “Work on your own terms is developed to give flexible conditions for our partners, allowing them to choose how many hours they can dedicate to the project, work from anywhere; our workplaces, our own R&D center, client’s offices, or partner’s own site. We want to grow together with our partners, and therefore it’s crucial to understand their personalities, values, and dreams. We target this together during the interview and create a plan that contains interesting competence fields, roles, customers, etc. This plan will be the center of the partnership. So, it doesn’t matter if you are new as a partner or old in the game. We will always be here to listen and provide the tools for your success. With us, you get a coach, not a leader. Like a partner for life – we do this together. Soon we will invite all our partners to interesting events, webinars, and business groups within the network. Stay tuned!

Mats Nilsson, freelancer at Paeonia and an active partner since 2021 within Power Electronics shares his feedback: “As a senior engineer and expert within power electronics, I enjoy working with the parts of the systems that I like the most. Sigma Technology makes this possible! Today I work part-time at Sigma Technology´s R&D center and create new technology within electrification.

Samira Sabic, freelancer at Posko Consulting and an active partner within IT and Project Management, agrees and adds: Sigma and I have been following each other in different forms for 15 years. Early in our joint journey, Sigma developed good knowledge and skills, personal profile, and my driving force, which has been an important success factor in matching my profile and ambitions to the right assignment. This gave me an opportunity to work in many exciting areas and with complex assignments.

Today I work on such kind of assignment: it’s developing, challenging, and interesting, with great demands on me to have good business knowledge and technical understanding of the customer’s business area. I am very glad that my competence and profile are a perfect match for the customer’s expectations and needs. Simply, a very good match. I am confident that Sigma’s plans with the Partner Network will open new opportunities and collaborations.

Anders Båtsman and Roland Albrecht, two of the co-owners at our partner company Log House AB, agree and tell us about their journey: “We started the company at the peak of uncertainty, and Sigma Technology became a tremendous partner to kickstart our journey. The company guided us to new customers and opportunities. For us, personal communication is very important, which Sigma Technology provides to a level where our employees can be in charge of their own destinies. It means transparent communication without any middlemen to match assignments very quickly. For Log House AB, as a small fish in the pond, the speed and flexibility are very valuable.”


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Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communication Officer at Sigma Technology Group, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com

Martin Karlsson, Vice President at Sigma Technology Embedded Solutions and Head of Partner Network, martin.karlsson@sigmatechnology.com 

Sofia Petersson, Head of People & Culture and Partner Manager, sofia.petersson@sigmatechnology.com


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