Sigma Technology Group is the Most Recommended Employer in Sweden according to Universum

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Every year, Universum ranks Swedish employers that succeed best in internal identity, employee loyalty, and employee satisfaction. This year, Universum has nominated companies, whose employees are most likely to recommend their workplace to their contacts and friends. Sigma Technology Group won first place as Sweden’s Most Recommended Employer and came third among Sweden’s Best Employers.

“2020 has been a very challenging year for employers, where both leadership and internal culture have been put to the test. The employers, whose employees want to recommend them, had a great extra advantage in these turbulent and uncertain times. In this context, it was natural for Universum to create a special prize based on the employees’ willingness to recommend the employer to their friends. The fact that Sigma Technology Group wins this prize and thus becomes Sweden’s Most Recommended Employer shows a strong internal work and also that they are well equipped for the future,” says Claes Peyron, Managing Director Nordics & UK, Universum.

This year’s award as Most Recommended Employer and ranking as Sweden’s Top 3 Best Employer are essential benchmarks in the corporate culture building work for Sigma Technology Group.

“Being ranked as Sweden’s Most Recommended Employer by our employees makes me very proud, especially in these times. Being at the top of the Universum ranking is much more than just a position for us. We have worked systematically to be an attractive employer. Our organization philosophy “Local Drive and Global Strength” benefits our ambition to become Sweden’s leading technology consulting company where our people are in focus. A flat organization model that is inclusive, supportive, and entrepreneurial with the individual at the center,” says Carl Vikingsson, CEO and President at Sigma Technology Group.

Although 2020 has been a challenging year for many countries and economies, and especially for the consulting industry, Sigma Technology Group also became one of the Best Managed Companies by Deloitte earlier this year. Sweden’s Best Managed Company is an award given to Swedish privately-owned companies that have succeeded well with strategic focus, operational capacity, corporate culture, and economic development.

“We are very honored that our employees voted for us as Sweden’s Most Recommended Employer and Top 3 Sweden’s Best Employer this year. Together with the award from Deloitte naming us one of Sweden’s Best Managed companies, for me, it is obvious that a strong corporate culture and internal identity go hand in hand with the organization’s strategic focus and stable economic development,” adds Carl.

For more information, please, contact:

Carl Vikingsson, CEO, carl.vikingsson@sigmatechnology.com

Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communications Officer, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com.

About the Universum’s Best Employers Survey

Universum, one of the most popular job portals in Sweden, publishes the ranking of Sweden’s Best Employers every year. The survey took place between October 2019 and August 2020. Employees had to rate their existing and other attractive employers based on how they experienced employers’ identities, culture, jobs, and opportunities for advancement. They also valued how inclined they were to recommend their existing employer.

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